Whose side is Clementine on? : The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Episode 2 A House Divided review

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screen-zombiepole-654 Where does our precious Clementine stand in the zombie apocalypse? In the first season, Clementine was the daughter that we all inherited. Sweet, innocent, and defenseless, in the midst of chaos. As Lee, I believe anyone who played, made decisions with Clem’s well-being in mind. All we wanted to do was protect her and make sure that she was in the best hands.

Last episode, left Clem alone until she bumped into a new group with one or two rotten apples. Check out last episodes review here. She is a new person, and as players, we have a new mind frame. Although she is a child, Clementine is now our heroine, and we are proud to make gaming choices as a fighting survivor. #IamClementine

We last left off with Luke, Pete, and Clementine, attacked by a crowd of walkers in the woods. We had the option of either going to Pete’s or Luke’s aid. I chose Luke, but it was an impulse move caused by last minute jitters. Pete is a better caretaker in every way. Those who chose this route, lost Pete to the walkers and Luke and Clementine hide out in a nearby shack while the walkers try to push their way in.

Episode 2: A House Divided

Nick is awfully bitter about Clementine not coming to Pete’s rescue and all I can think is, isn’t she a child you just met?  Wouldn’t your expectations of a child’s limitations be more so then that of an adult? Because his attitude suggests that Clementine could have saved the day and in some way, failed by coming to his rescue.

Nick isn’t all there in the head, anyway. (As we find out later) For now,  it’s just really annoying to watch him displace his pain in losing Pete, by putting blame on an 11 year-old-girl.  There is no way out of the shack, even though the walkers have given up pushing against the door, and have decided to hang out in the front. The room has no useful tools other then a  moonshine contraption and a couple of jars of home made Moonshine. Nick, eventually drinks this stuff, and is drunk out his mind, when it’s time to finally get out the shack. But Pete’s death has been wearing him down and he is at a point of no return, wishing to end his life.

This wish allows him to sacrifice himself for Clementine. Once again, you can choose to come to his rescue, or you can use him as a diversion and listen to his request, by escaping. I chose to escape. Just because I figured Clem could go get help. Lucky for Nick, he makes it back into the shack, and Clementine is able to return with their group to rescue him. But before that happens, Clem is left alone with Sarah in the house for a bit, while the others go searching for each other.

New Character: Carver

Clem meets Carver, a man in his forties or fifties with a few grays, that shows up at the house when she’s alone with Sarah. He is an enemy of our new found group, and has been tracking them. As child-like as Sarah is, she is able to recognize danger and advises Clem that the man must not see her. It is unclear this episode what the real issue with Carver is. He appears all villainy but he has a huge grudge against the group that is never detailed. The only hints we get are, when he asks Clementine if the group had trouble trusting her when she first met them. (Which they did) and  he makes a comment about Rebecca’s husband, that seems like he put someone in danger. There seems to be an underlying secret that the group is keeping under wraps. Im guessing they killed someone for reasons that weren’t politically correct. Carver is also the real father of Rebecca’s unborn child. He has his own camp and is planning on bringing Rebecca and as many others as possible, back with him.

I understand wanting to drag Rebecca and your child back to your camp, but why would you care about everyone else?  Apparently, Carver has some dictatorship formed with the people that he is with. All i can tell so far, is that the rules of his camp already seem strict and weird.

Finding Family

When the group finds out Carver is tracking them, they head out from their home and decide to head north for a place to stay. Clem finds Kenny in her travels. Kenny was thought to be dead, back in season one. He risked his life to save Ben, and based on the walkers, and the way he was situated, it seemed like it was a dead end for him. He survived and is now staying in a Ski lodge, along with a few new friends. Kenny’s son Duck, was bitten in season one. Lee ended uo having to put Duck out of his misery and Kenny’s wife ended her own life to join her son. It appears that the trauma from these events may be effecting Kenny more then ever now.

One of his new friends, can’t help but ask Clem if Kenny seems okay to her. Kenny was always a little cracked, I know that the death of his kid and wife, pushed him farther off the edge. In this episode, he seems happy and bearded, although he gets into a few arguments, which was never uncommon for him. Lee and Kenny went at it many times. But all this foreshadowing, makes me think, Kenny’s about to do something really crazy in episodes to come.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 1.35.47 PM

 House Divided

The title and basis for this episode, is Clementine’s encounter with Kenny vs. the group that she has already adopted. Clem is the middle man forced to make choices based on her loyalty to Kenny and her loyalty to Luke. Because lets be serious here, Clem’s true loyalty is to Luke, who is genuinely kind and caring. He’s like a younger version of what Lee was in season one. If it wasn’t for him, she probably would have left by now to go look for Christa, on her own. However, this episode everyone has become closer to Clem, including Rebecca. Who was a major A-hole, last episode.

When playing episode 2, choose wisely when picking a side. Remember that Kenny has real family loyalty to Clem but may be fighting some internal psychological battles, so sometimes you may have to side with your new group. When choosing Luke and his group in your decision making, whether in arguments or whose lead to follow, make sure that it is in Clementines best interest.

Whenever possible, I suggest taking a neutral standpoint Picking one side over the other may effect Clem in later episodes, even if you don’t see the backlash now.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 1.35.52 PM


The game play for episode 2 is similar to the first episode of Season 2.    It seems that there is less action because this episode is setting up relations and linking up scenarios. I’m hoping for a little bit more fighting next episode. Clem does a lot of the combat, which means that as the player, you are in front of any action that happens. The only thing that could improve this game,is if it were a console game and not subject to the limitations of downloadable content. But for now, it seems we are stuck with DLC until the end of the season.

I didn’t run through the ending of this episode, you guys are going to have to play it to find out how it ends. 🙂

What does everyone think about The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 2 A House Divided?

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