Which is the good Walking Dead Game? Walking Dead Survival Instinct vs. Tell Tale The Walking Dead Game

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I dont want to say that I was highly disappointed in the release of the Walking Dead Survival Instinct but, I was. After playing the 5 episodes of The Walking Dead Game, on my Ipad, I imagined that “Survival Instinct” would satisfy my craving to be a part of the cast, killing zombies and making major decisions to save my life and the lives of those in my group.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct

However, Walking Dead Survival Instinct is about Darryl and Merle Dixon, looking for each other and then trying to keep it together. Thats fine, in theory, but the video below by IGN highlights all of the issues in the game.

The above video basically covers the major complaints about this game. But, I think to truly understand what Walking Dead fans are looking for you would have to compare it to Tell Tale Games The Walking Dead: The Game available on iPad, iPhone, Xbox360, and Playstation 3.

The downloadable game is rich in graphics and has a very fleshed out thorough plot line. The best feature is so simple and yet is so appropriate in relation to  the show, the ability to make choices and have the consequences affect you.

Sounds lame in writing, but it is truly empowering to know that the guy i killed 5 minutes ago would have come back to hurt someone or the argument I had with one character, will later stop that character from helping me in a life or death situation. It reminds me of the “Choose your own adventure” books from my childhood that allowed you to choose your fate and eventually create your own ending.

Tell Tale Games The Walking Dead

The entire show revolves around the ethical and survival issues that these people are constantly squabbling about and it should have been incorporated fully into the game. Having Darryl do a favor for someone, he could care less about, because he needs gas or a car part makes the whole thing feel like a game show.

Tell Tale Games The Walking Dead is a downloadable game and thats why they couldn’t go into too much detail on the mechanics of fighting, killing walkers, escaping from zombies. But I expected that bonus to come with the Survival Instinct game since its a console game. They were decent on knife and gun combat  (and I mean decent, they could have done better with head stabbing) but the plot and everything else went to shit! Not to mention the fact that It was hard to go from a game on my Ipad that played like a movie to the washed out graphics of  the Survival Instinct game.

There needs to be a do over. Im requesting from the video game gods another Walking Dead game with the survival options and plot construction of the downloadable game, and the fighting ability of any given console RPG.

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