Upcoming Games: If you won’t have a PS4 or XBOX One

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The PS4 has just been released and the Xbox One will be out and about on November 22, 2013. But not everyone has the money to shell out for these systems, at this time. Maybe you have to wait for Christmas, for someone to buy your old system from eBay, for money to be saved up, or  your like me and need BOTH systems. Whatever your reasons, your current system is going to have to do for now.

These are the upcoming games for Xbox 360 & PS3, for those out there that are not ready to join the new system club:

Game of The Year Edition:                                       Release date: 11/19/13  PS3

The Walking Dead Game

The Walking Dead’s downloadable game for all Apple platforms and as an arcade game for XBOX and PS3, is finally coming out in disc. If you haven’t read my article on why this game was so good for a downloadable game, read it here

If you haven’t played it, don’t download it, wait for the release of this 5 episode game with an included bonus episode titled “400 days.”

Young Justice: Legacy                                                 Release date:  11/19/13 PS3

Based on the cartoon network cartoon, Young Justice is an RPG with 12 super hero selections on co-op and multiplayer modes.

Gran Turismo            6                                                           Release date: 12/6/13  PS3

All the racing lovers and car aficionados will be looking forward to Gran Turismo’s release. The High definition cars and details are enough to make anyone swoon.

Lego Movie Video Game                                             Release date: 2/2/14  XBOX 360

Shortly after The Lego Movie’s release, the video game version will be available for XBOX.  With features never seen before in the Lego sagas, it will be a fun game for all the Lego loving folks.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII                         Release date: 2/11/14 PS3

500 years after Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning has just 13 days to save the world. The most detailed neverending story line in video game history is back with some added new battle features and costume customization ability.

Image source: Tell Tale game 400 days screenshots  Young Justice Legacy Official Website  Lightning returns downloads

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