Will The Third Time Be A Charm? Risen 3 Trailer

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Some games need a little work when they move on to sequels. I like to think that most are crossing their fingers that Risen 3 is an upgrade from its past two predecessors. Risen was what i like to classify as fantasy boring and Risen 2 was an epic pirate adventure into boring. I don’t care much for RPG’s that require a lot of background work with no reward big enough to motivate me to do another boring quest. All that running around looking for nonsense or people, better pay off! There is also something about combat that is not only boring and monotonous, but does not evolve.

Source: Deep Silver
Source: Deep Silver

This first CGI trailer looks like a cut scene to me and I’m almost sure that some of the strategy from the old games will be incorporated in this new one. But, here is to hoping. So far, it looks like we are returning to a fantasy realm and it could be interesting, if they up the stakes.The graphics have been improved and it looks like this will be a gorgeous world to explore.That I will have to point out to be the good part of these failed RPG’s, they do put together a good-looking expansive world.

Source: Deep Silver
Source: Deep Silver

A young warrior is attacked and his soul is taken from him. He must go out and find it but needs the help of some Mages. Unfortunately, they are not interested in pro-bono work, so he must either help them find crystals in the mines of the Island of thunder, or he must take other measures to regain his soul.

Release date: August 2014

What do you think of this first look trailer for Risen 3, Yay or Nay?

Source: http://risen3.deepsilver.com/

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