Tons of Indie games at PlayCrafting Summer Expo July 29, 2015 :EVENT RECAP

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I had a fantastic time at Playcrafting’s Summer Expo. At Microsoft NY’s headquarters, 500 people with a shared love for gaming, met to try out 75 games. The event was an opportunity for indie game developers to show off their upcoming video games and current projects. I had a blast playing and watching others play games, that were in different stages of development.

It was amazing to see the level of creativity among video game developers. Left to me, if I were a developer,  I would chalk up a simple game plan and hope for the best. But there was unique thought in every game I saw. GENUINE unique factors! What’s amazing is that this experience was a two-way street. The Developers were able to take away feedback from their projects, as gamers tested the waters.

I loved so many of the games, but I couldn’t put them all up.

Here’s a quick sum up of games to keep a look out for.  Enjoy and support the developers!!!

Awkward Date Game

This awkward date game teaches the value of working together. If you’re anything like me, even when I’m playing with a teammate, I tend to go about my own self-involved agendas. But in this two player game, if you’re too far apart, there are devastating consequences. You can explode. Teamwork is needed to get ahead and the little mood heart in the middle lets you know when you’re too far or too close. Smothering each other doesn’t work either. Sounds like the perfect first date for me.




Check out the game developers on twitter: Awkward date game



If I ever was reincarnated as a bug, I would want to be a butterfly. Pollen is an incredibly beautiful game full of rich and detailed visuals and you are a butterfly. But don’t think that you’re just flapping your pretty wings around in a blissful world. This butterfly must fight against killer plants and enemies. As you shoot off your enemies, your shooting powers develop.

Check out the video below for some gameplay. (music added to drown out the gamers in the background yelling)

Check out the game developer who composed the music, visuals, and gameplay:

Twitter: MattMirrorFish

Website: Mirror Fish Media


An original horror game designed to target your worst fears. Nyctophobia leaves you deserted in the dark, scrambling to get a generator before your flashlight runs out of juice. Your motivation isn’t only the consuming darkness, but the keeper, a shadow man, that is after you. That’s not the only way to die either, you can drown or step on a landmine, so the chances of making it out alive are pretty slim.

Check out this cool trailer:


And some of the gameplay at the expo:

Try not to die 🙂

IMG_9352 IMG_9353


Game Developer: Lightning Man Media Website

Twitter: @LightiningMMedia

This game will be available on steam as of 8/25/15!!!


At a Glance

Albino Lullaby

Occulus Rift ready horror gaming without any blood and gore. Pure Horror.

Albino Lullaby Main Website


Modern Knights

Medieval knights against the modern forces of weaponry. Use different unique guns and collect ammo to destroy these knights from another time.




Twitter: UGF Studio



Space Cats in Space

Cats in space shooting down enemy dogs.



Some Gameplay


Developer website: Robotic Potato

Twitter: Robotic Potato

Mobile Games

Gay Fighter Supreme

The first gay fighting game and a personal fave. The demo boasts that this game is considered offensive, immoral, and even politically incorrect, but I see it as poking fun and doing away with the negativity. Sprinkled with rainbows galore, Gay fighter supreme is a streetfighter-style fighting game, featuring some not so average characters. Some honorable mentions within the playing roster are a drag queen, a twerker, a man that could knock you into next Tuesday with his boobs, and a fashionable fighter that will beat you with his overly priced Birkin bag. This game is both hilarious and has some really good fighting features.  Plus, there’s also the added bonus of finishing your opponent with a GAYTALITY 🙂

IMG_9356 IMG_9359 IMG_9361 IMG_9363

Lucky for us all, it’s available on the apple store and android already.

Apple App      Google Play for Andriod

Twitter: @GayFight
YouTube: Handsome Women Productions

Dippy Jump

Jumping avocado needs to avoid the chips because no one wants to be the dip.



Available on : Apple App Store



Mama Hawk

a mobile game that makes you the mama bird feeding her youngins. Pick up entire animals to help your young birdies grow and leave the nest.


The Gameplay



Card Game


Not everyone has the skill to develop an enticing card game. Heartcatcher is a card game filled with secrets, bluffs, and points to be made.

IMG_9371 IMG_9372

Developer Website: HeartcatcherGame

Twitter: Emma Larkins 


I had a great time at the Playcrafting Summer Expo. So much talent, so much fun! The night would not have been complete without every gamer’s go to food of choice: PIZZA 🙂



What do think about the games featured? Any thoughts or feed back? Leave in the comments below.

Don’t forget you can reach me here as well:

Email: fabulouslyentertaining [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: @Eisfabulous or @FabulouslyEnt
Instagram: FabulouslyEntertaining


Playcrafting Summer Expo was hosted by Playcrafting at Microsoft NY headquarters.

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