Time to get back to playing COD: Advanced Warfare ; DLC Havoc 1/27/15 launch

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Destroy the winter blues with the excitement accompanied with a new DLC for COD: Advanced Warfare. If it isn’t for anything else, do it for the thrill of exploring new territory. There is nothing like new maps to explore, discover, and strategize creative ways of duping your opponents. This pack will be available January 27th to all XBOX players. (The PS releases will be along, most likely in a month.)

Four new maps to delve into:


Core: In the middle of the Gobi desert are the ruins of a nuclear fusion plant and the main stage of this new combat zone. The fun bonus are the decontamination drones that can be activated using the map score streak, to wipe out your opponents.


Urban: Close encounters will be super fun in Dallas Ward 3. The future mega structure even has blast doors that alter the maps flow and sight lines.


Sideshow: This Inn is set in close quarters to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. Score streaks can activate the clownish magic of this quaint town, that also features nearby mining facilities.


Drift: What’s better then an all out war at a ski resort? Nothing, I tell you, nothing! Riding the carousel and taking it up to the glass observation deck are just two things to check off your list of places to aim from. Snow avalanches can be activated with the streaks, helping to distract the enemy to your advantage.

Putting the fun new places to explore to the side, this DLC also gives access to the AE4 energy y assault rifle and the AE4 widow maker custom variant.

There is more! New Zombie co-op play called Exo Zombies. A DNA bioweapon creates a mutant horde of zombies infecting the entire staff of the Atlas research facility. Four survivors, voiced by some big celebrity names, are left in the facility to take on these zombies.

Outbreak: Atlas Corporation Facility
Outbreak: Atlas Corporation Facility


Are you excited about the Havoc DLC for COD: Advanced Warfare?

Image source: gamespress / Activision Publishing 



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