Throwback Thursday: Shadow of Destiny videogame for the PS2

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Everyone has that game that was so good, you just wish it was created over again with each new generation console. This week I’ve been nostalgic for one of my favorite PS2 games, Konami’s Shadow of Destiny (PS2). We’ve already evolved to the PS4 and it seems like some games can still take some pointers from some of the antiquated games.

But lets be honest, deep inside I’m hoping Konami will read this and give us all a reboot. (Wishful thinking, a girl can dream, can’t she?)


Shadow of Destiny stars Eike, a regular guy, minding his own business, who gets murdered on his way out of his local coffee shop. Heaven–Hell–Limbo– wherever he ends up looks like somebody’s attic filled with junk. A voice informs him that he will be given an opportunity to go back to the moments leading to his death in order to prevent his murder. When he goes back, he is able to prevent his death, at that moment, but ends up being killed some time later. He ends up back in the Limbo attic and finds out he has to figure out who is trying to kill him in order to accurately eliminate the threat.  The voice reveals itself to be some type of male ghost-looking guy with red eyes named  Homunculus. You get the idea that Homunculus has some evil element to him, but he’s helping you save your own life, so you just go with the flow.


The changes that Eike makes to time set off completely new chain reactions, causing Eike to have to travel in time to different points to make sure that other situations don’t happen. This takes up the entire game, even taking Eike back all the way back to his ancestors.


I could play this game for hours. I wanted to know who was up to what and why. But every time it looked like we were about to get our questions answered, I would set off another event during my time changing actions, that took me into another intriguing quest. There were multiple endings to this game but I believe I only fully finished it twice. 

Back to Homunculus, his evil looking self has to be up to something to be so generous in helping Eike, right? Well, the catch is that if Eike doesn’t survive, Homunculus would never exist. It all goes back to the very beginning when Eike is sitting in the coffee shop, minding his own business–he’s carrying a red stone that he found. Oh, and he goes to his coffee shop to flirt with the waitress who he has a thing for. When he leaves, he accidentally leaves the stone. The red stone, if you haven’t already guessed it, is the philosophers stone, and Homunculus is a creation of the stone. After surviving that attack, with Homunculus’ help, he some time later goes back to the shop and his girl crush gives him back the stone.


The true bottom line is that Eike is Homunculus’s creator and he’s also one of his own ancestors. (Say what?) Well, if you finish one of the main endings, it will end with the destruction of both the stone and Homunculus back in the past, leaving Eike stranded in the past, making him his own ancestor, before he was ever born. (Mind… Blown.)

Konami, can we please get another one of these? With new generation graphics? It would be awesome! This game was so entertaining just based on all of interactions and things going on. You change one thing and a woman’s baby gets kidnapped. You go back and stop it from happening and the entire future is changed because its a completely different time line.

Yes, I’m a Back to the Future fan, and yes, I have a Marty and Doc complex. No judgement. What makes this game work are the missions and the subplots. Plus, multiple endings will make you want to play over and over again, just to see the different ways poor Eike will end up.

Tell me what you guys think about the concept of this time-traveling game and if you would play if it was re-released?



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