Tell Tale Game’s Episode 5 ‘A Nest of Vipers’ is here!

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Rejoice, Game of Thrones a Telltale game’s Epsiode 5 “A Nest of Vipers” is upon us!

HA HA I would have made a great maiden in Westeros. Alas, I would have rather lived on a deserted island eating nothing but coconuts, then to have lived in the world created by George R. R. Martin, with all the beheading, brutality, and misfortune going on there.


Back to the game, though. The fifth episode is available now on PC and Mac from the Telltale Online Store, Steam, and on PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe.

The episode will be available July 22nd on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One and Xbox 360. And iOS devices via the App Store and Android-based devices will be released on July 23rd.

The game  is based on the survival of a sole family based on the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. To make it work, and not butt heads with the TV show, the chosen family is House Forrester, which is not a leading family in the TV series, so the game does not ruin the element of surprise on the show. No spoilers here to worry about. However, the characters do come across HBO’s GOT characters, and the already known story-line on the show is the backdrop for the narrative.

In this fifth episode, all of the members of the family are pulling their own weight in the struggle for survival. In the aftermath of Eddard Starks death, his former allies are now seen as traitors and have a tough time getting around, without someone trying to implicate them in something that would cost them their life. The game is played by 5 different point of views. Each is either a Forrester member or someone in service to the house.

Rodrik has attracted the attention of famed GOT psycho killer, Ramsey Snow, as a result of his partnership with House Glenmore and his opposition of the Whitehills. Asher’s trying to acquire the army he needs to cross from Essos to Westeros, and save his family. This will be alot easier now, with Meereen being a free city. Mira has obtained a sense of approval from Margaery due to her actions in Tommen’s coronation, and her chances are improving, now that Cersei has also realized how Mira could benefit her political gains. Beyond the wall, Gared has no assistance in searching for the North Grove, but unlikely allies can soon be turned, since winter is coming, and they have a mutual enemy.

This will keep us busy for awhile. But knowing me, I will binge play this episode and be left thirsting for more.

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For all of you that will be downloading this game in the next few days, please let me know if there are any scenes or objectives, that you had some issues with. I will make a walk-through and post it up with visuals to help anyone who is having difficulty.

Learn more about downloading the game -> [Here]

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