Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Clementine: The Walking Dead Game Season 2: All That Remains

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The long wait is over, on December 17th TellTale Games finally released the first episode of the second season of The Walking Dead Game, titled, All that Remains. If anyone was more excited then what is considered normal for this release, it was I. I wrote a long review comparing the first season to The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, a few months back, and to this day it is the blog post that receives the most hits. Check out the review here

Any fan of the comics or the TV show, is expecting to encounter a video game that will give them the survival options and consequences that come with the zombie apocalypse. This series accomplishes this, even if you are limited in how much fighting damage you can actually do. Which is why The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct didn’t quite meet the standards that were expected from fans.

 Recap of Season 1:

In Season 1, you’re Lee. A man that encounters a little girl left with a babysitter, turned zombie, who is now on her own to fend for herself. The appeal of the first season is your attachment to the sweetest child you have ever laid eyes on, Clementine. No one wants to admit it, but in your split section reactions, Clementine is your primary priority.  When you decide to cut off your arm because you were bitten, it’s because you want to make sure you get her to safety, and although you know you will eventually turn, you want to buy yourself some time. No it’s not cause you think that you can save your own life or any other selfish goals you may have. It is because you are the only hope in this world this little girl has. So you teach her how to shoot, not to trust anyone, and you hope for the best.

At the end of the game, you have to choose whether you will have Clementine shoot you before you turn zombie or have her leave you chained up. I chose to let her shoot Lee. To me it was just another lesson on survival.

All That Remains:

Clementine attacked by walker

As you may already know, the outcomes of your gameplay are based on your options. Some may have encountered different walkthroughs then my own.

In Season 2, you’re Clementine. She is a little older and is still tagging along with Omid and Christa. Christa has managed to become pregnant. (Why she insists on having a child during the apocalypse, I will never understand.) They have been moving from town to town in search of food and supplies, never staying for too long.  Clementine goes into the bathroom on her own, armed with a gun and her little backpack filled with the only picture she has of Lee, a water bottle, and other stuff.

After you’ve secured the bathroom, someone enters that isn’t from your group. Long story short, it’s a teenager with a nasty attitude that ends up holding up Clementine at gunpoint while she looks through her backpack. Omid overhears the girl talking and tries to sneak up behind her, but she turns quickly and shoots him in the chest.

R.I.P. Omid  You were one of the nice ones.

If this is your first time playing, you will notice that the need to survive and the lack of supplies have made a lot of people heartless and unforgiving, even to a child. The game skips forward and we see Clementine and Christa in a forest somewhere. Christa has become one of the rough, bitter people due to the loss of her beloved Omid. In addition, she is no longer pregnant. I haven’t the faintest clue as to what happened to the baby. Maybe there was something I missed but I received no explanation in this season on the whereabouts of Omid and Christa’s child. Anybody know what happened to this child?

Christa goes off into the forest and Clementine is left to stoke a fire during pouring rain, in hopes of heating up the dead squirrel they have hooked up on a makeshift spit.  A group of men corner Christa, and Clementine’s rescue attempt forces them to split up. After a long chase, Clementine is left without any of her belongings in another part of the woods, where she discovers a starving dog. The dog, named Sam, isn’t abandoned. His owners had held camp in the area and they all died or turned into zombies, or both. I was excited when I saw the dog. I thought, who needs Christa? Clementine will be fine with man’s best friend. Dogs can sense danger on a super human level.

Clementine finds a single can of beans in the entire camp and opens them up to eat. Whether you offer the dog the beans directly from the can or you make him wait, the outcome is the same. Sam clamps onto Clementine’s arm and refuses to let go. The fight that follows leads Sam to fall onto some spikes and I chose to have Clementine cut his throat and put him out of his misery. There goes Clementine’s companion. Clementine is once again chased around by what seems to be the same people who had cornered Christa. But, Clementine has a huge gash on her arm and has lost some blood, not to mention the fact that she hasn’t eaten in a long time. She eventually is discovered by another camp that wants to take her back to their base because she’s hurt.

Pete and Clementine

The only problem is when they discover the bite on her arm. The guy carrying her nearly dropped her on her head. They all think it’s a walker bite. What funny games fate plays. Clementine insists that it’s a dog bite, but who’s seen a dog this far into the apocalypse? Clementine faints trying to depart from them.

Luke and Clementine

Clementine spends the rest of the episode trying to explain that the bite is truly a dog bite and all she needs is someone to give it medical attention. The camp members all dispute whether she is telling the truth or not. The fact that she is a child has no bearing whatsoever in the zombie apocalypse. They would rather wait it out, while she’s locked up in a shack, to make sure that she isn’t going to turn, then to “waste” supplies on her. There’s no rush to make sure the wound doesn’t get infected and they wont let her go on her own because its too risky. One particular nastier then usual camp member, is Rebecca, a pregnant woman who treats Clementine like an adult bag of shit, since the second they meet. The other members, all male, aren’t as difficult and block-headed as Rebecca, so there is some hope if Clementine decides to make this a permanent home.

I wont be giving out any more spoilers. I suggest downloading the game on any of the platforms available: PS3, XBOX, IPHONE, IPAD, or any of the new consoles.

Rebecca and Clementine

The beginning of this episode puts Clementine in a colder, less accepting world. She is truly surviving on her own. The decisions are harder, so far. The small amount of time you have to think fast doesn’t feel like enough anymore.  The structure seems the same because there’s always a decent group with one or two rotten apples.  It just seems like there is a lot more action going on, more frequently. If you played the first season, it supposedly affects the outcomes in season two; so far, I haven’t witnessed any dramatic changes based on my previous game play. The most noteworthy gameplay would have to be when Clementine stitches her own gash without any numbing agents. Its drawn out enough to make you at least cringe a little. I think we need another season, to see where these new folks are headed. Maybe we will become as attached to this new cast, as most did in Season one.

Stay Tuned for the release date of episode 2!

image source: TellTaleGames  and The Walking Dead Game Season 2 All Thats Left Gameplay Screenshots

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