Stitch Clementine’s Arm Walkthrough: The Walking Dead Game Season 2 All That Remains

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There have been a lot of folks getting stuck in The Walking Dead Game Season 2 All that Remains, when its time for Clementine to get stitched up. I’ve put together a step by step guide on how to stitch clementine’s arm .

There are minor differences in the controller functions between Season 2 and the previous Season. Since this game is available on so many platforms, it may be harder to find specific details on doing minor tasks through walkthroughs available online. So, I will be explaining these differences as Ipad and Iphone vs. Xbox and Playstation systems.

Stitch Clementine’s Arm Walkthrough

Stitch Clementine's arm walkthrough telltale games the walking dead game



Once Clementine gets out of her shed, your main objective will be to find a way to stitch her arm up on her own.

Important items that you will need from the shed before you head to the house:

Hammer and Wire

Hammer Wire The Walking Dead Game

Being as stealthy as possible, Clementine will have to find items that will help her stitch up her arm, without the help of the group that has taken her in.  She will only speak to people if it will benefit her in the task and the helping agent isn’t a snitch.

Items Needed to put in stitches:


bandages clementine the walking dead game

Standing on the front porch, you can peer into the window at Rebecca and Alvin having a heated conversation. After she leaves, knock on the window to get his attention (place your cursor on the window and select knock).

Alvin TellTale Games The Walking Dead Game

Clementine will speak with Alvin. Select the responses that are most persuasive and that will draw pity from him. He will give you the bandages and you can be sure he wont be ratting you out to his soulless wife.


Clementine Needle Telltale Games The Walking Dead Game

Walk around the outside of the house, till you find a wooden board covering the siding at the foundation of the house.

Wood Board Clementine Telltale Games The Walking Dead Game

Remove the nails on the wooden board using the hammer that you brought from the shed. For the Xbox and PS systems, select the hammer icon on the left side of the screen with either the directional buttons or analog stick  and use the action button on the nails. Ipad, tap hammer on left side of screen and tap the nails out.

Remove Nails from Wood Clementine Telltale Games The Walking Dead Game

Once the nails are out, slide under the house through the hole revealed and  walk towards the light under the crawl space. You will hear the voices of the group above you discussing your issues, as if locking you up in the shed isn’t bad enough.

Clementine under house Telltale Games The Walking Dead Game

There is a little contraption keeping the wooden trap door above you closed. You will use the knife to pop open the lock. After selecting the lock with the knife in hand, Console users will have to click the button that will appear on screen repeatedly, to push the lock open with the knife.  (you’ve got it when the white bar around the letter on the screen fills up) For Ipad users, tapping your finger repeatedly on the button till the meter around it fills up will do it.

Knife open door Clementine Telltale Games The Walking Dead Game

The knife will break and after pushing the door up, Clementine will find herself inside the house. She is alone although she can hear the voices of the group in a distant room. She will not get caught if she walks around. The needle will be on the second floor in the bathroom. The bathroom is to Clementine’s right when she reaches the second floor.  Inside of the medicine cabinet, in the bathroom, is a pushpin cushion with the needle sticking out, collect it.

Needle Telltale Games The Walking Dead Game


Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect Clementine's wound

The Peroxide is directly across from the bathroom. There are only two rooms on the right side of the second floor. So if you go to your right and you pick the wrong door, you will get the peroxide first. This is Sarah’s room, the daughter of the Doctor that delayed treating Clementine to make sure she isn’t going to turn into a zombie.

Sarah Clementine Telltale Games The Walking Dead Game

A conversation will happen because Clementine is the only girl she has seen in so long and she is lonely for someone her age. Be nice, but don’t lie too much. If you promise to be her friend forever XOXO etc., it will indicate that Sarah will remember this and you don’t know exactly how that will benefit you in the next episode. But don’t be mean, you have the option of not making any promises. She will then give you the peroxide and put you on your way.


How to Stitch Clementine’s Arm

After obtaining all the items, you go back to the shed to do the dirty work. Clementine will lay out her supplies on the counter without prompting.

The first step is to disinfect the wound by selecting the peroxide and selecting the wound. This scene is very dramatic. She will scream and drop the peroxide and you will have to wait for her to get it together, before you can move onto the next steps.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 11.12.28 PM


Select the wire and she will cut off a piece, pick up the needle, and align the needle to the thread. Select the needle again and she will put the thread through the needle.

Needle Thread Clementine Telltale Games The Walking Dead Game

This is the part I believe may have been stumping a few out there. Actually stitching her arm would consist of selecting the area of incision (the circle on her arm where you will pull the needle through), holding the action button and sliding the analog stick to the right. Ipad users press your finger on the box and hold, then slide to the right when the arrow appears. Repeat this for every circle that appears on her arm, and her stitches will be done.

Stitch Clementine's Arm Telltale Games The Walking Dead Game

Finish by wrapping up her arm with the bandage.

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    Helped a lot, thanks for walkthrough. Much appreciated.

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      No problem. Took me a while to get it. So, I figured others might have the same issue.

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    I can’t get it I am on ps4

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    This helped. Cheers

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    I cant find the stairs

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      It’s behind the sofa

    • Maxwell
    • July 14, 2017

    how do you find the bandages if Alvin never gave them to you? I’ve searched the whole house and I can’t find them anywhere, not even in the room he was in.

    • Nancy
    • December 28, 2017

    How do I get out of the house back to shed

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