Space exploration game THE SOLUS PROJECT can be played at GAMESCOM

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Those that attended E3 were spectators to the unveiling of a new indie game with some promising visuals. Some even got to the play THE SOLUS PROJECT, which is intended to be released in 2016. If you haven’t had a chance to take a plunge into this space exploration game, you may have a chance of testing the waters at Gamescom in Cologne.



GRIP Digital and Teotl Studios, have put together an impressive indie game filled with some remarkable graphics. The game is based on survival, as you land on an uncharted planet in search of a solution to Earth’s declining circumstances. In this desolate planet, your goal is to explore and discover (find a way back home too), but also survive the elements and any unknown inhabitants. It looks like they are going for some unforeseeable weather and even more unpredictable terrain in this one. Tornadoes and Meteor showers are some of the first climatic problems encountered in this game.


I find the whole idea of exploration incredibly exciting. You don’t know what your going to find IDSpace exploration game THE SOLUS PROJECT can be played at GAMESCOMand as you collect the bits of clues, you begin to build this history to this place you don’t know. In the trailer there are instances where the player enters dark caves and tombs. Makes you wonder who put those out there. Was there someone there before you? Are they still there? Where did they go if they aren’t? Because if we are going to ditch mother Earth for this place, we need to know!


In a way, this setup reminds me of the movie INTERSTELLAR. The only thing is that Matthew McConaughey had more options in Earth’s survival and a crash landing would have totally put a dent on his plans to save the world.


THE SOLUS PROJECT will be available early next year for PC and ID@XBOX via the XBOX One. If you’re going to GAMESCOM, make sure to book your visit to the Microsoft booth this August.

Does this look like a game you would be interested in playing? What would you be looking forward to? You know the drill, comment below 🙂




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