Pokkén Tournament brings Street Fighting to Pokémon : Video Game Announcement

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Pokkén Tournament for Nintendo’s Wii U will be released worldwide in Spring 2016. It is currently an arcade game that is ONLY available in Japan, this announcement provides all the Pokémon fans with the hope of access to this exclusive game.

There is no wonder that The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo, collaborated with Bandai Namco and producers of Tekken, to change what we know as Pokémon gaming. This game is a concoction of Street fighter styled fighting and signature Pokémon moves. It’s like they upgraded the Pokémon fights that happened while you were trying to catch them all.

en_001 en_002


It’s about time. After X amount of Pokémon releases, the antiquated fight modes of the Pokémon games could easily be motivated by Pokémon acquiring goals, and rarely because anyone enjoyed the fighting. Keep in mind that these visuals are of the current game and may not reflect the final product. I’m sure there will be other goodies for everyone to enjoy in the final version, that may not be present in the current arcade version.

en_003 en_007


More Pokken images:

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Source: The Official Pokémon Website

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