PC Horror game “Sleepers” is reminiscent of the movie Event Horizon

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The Sims has always been my go-to game for PC. Because I have an obsession for aesthetics and have a need to feed my inner control freak, The Sims has been one of my favorite games for years, allowing me to design my home, life, and relationships. It is the most relaxing thing in the world. For whatever reason, The PC experience via mouse and screen is the preferred setting for this type of gameplay.

But when I’m in the mood to explode something or shoot, I prefer to leave combat play to the consoles because the controllers make for better gameplay. Other then the Sims,  I’ve always felt that I actually preferred PC games for specific genres. Crime solving and Horror. I feel the experience is somehow heightened for anything that involves an investigation.

Which brings me to a little game that I think is going to be great for the PC. Sleepers, no relation to the movie of the same name, is a horror game that specializes in leaving you in the dark with the unknown. As I’ve mentioned countless times before, the unknown is the perfect premise for horror, because it is the core of what causes fear.


Picture it: you wake up on a spaceship with no recollection as to what happened. Majority of the crew is dead, and those that are still alive, are either insane or different. With too many enemies on board, your main focus is to remain in stealth mode, as you try to figure everything out. You have to carry stealth along the lines of Metal Gear Solid. The grounds are  dark and semi-lit rooms, the perfect scenario to bring panic as you unsolve this mystery.

What it really reminds me of is the 1997 film Event Horizon. Except it isn’t a ghost ship being explored by a crew responding to the ships distress signal. But the weird crew, dead team mates, and eerily abandoned ship, definitely remind me of the allure of the movie at the time.


Sleepers Video Game PC

Not enough weaponry take down the enemy, forces you to pick your battles. The horror within the spaceship is not limited to the physical enemies around either, there are some psychological stressors you have to wrestle with, as well. Can’t wait to see what this game is going to look like in it’s final product.

Is this a game you would pick up for the PC? Comment below, I would love to hear what you think 🙂

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