Open world game, Watch Dogs to be released on the PS4

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While the world is raving about all of the new upcoming sequels, I’m excited about a game a little less talked about. In a Press release , Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs will be one of the games available on the Playstation 4.

watch dogs video game

Game Synopsis

In this game you are a walking hacker. As boring as that sounds, hear me out!

You are a vigilante named Aiden Pierce that carries a smartphone with access to a system called CTOS, which Watch Dogscontrols every single last element in the city. As people walk past you, a mini profile explains their name, age, occupation, and income. Just by looking at his phone, Aiden can have any ATM hacked, any car stolen, any facility infiltrated. This game is total chaos waiting to happen.


I learned at a very early age that true entertainment comes from freedom in creativity. When I was taught at the age of 6 that i could use my imagination to do anything or be anywhere I wanted, my mind was blown. Then I went home and pretended I was in a castle with my prince, realized that no matter how hard I closed my eyes i wasn’t going to see a castle, and I wrote off imagination as a waste of time.

watch dogs video game

When the Sims was launched for the PC, I was back at it again. I had a complete addiction to my freedom in the game. I designed my home, married, had fights, threw parties, and I couldn’t get enough of it. That’s where the true attraction to Grand Theft Auto lies, in the freedom. Who can blame us? We have been dealing with linear games since the 80s. Theres a strict storyline and you are either going to get stuck in a level or move on to the inevitable. Some desire that freedom so much that we start walking into corners that lead nowhere or we try to open doors that are obviously locked, just to see what the game will let us get away with. These open world games allow our creativity to run free.

A little con, Ok maybe a big con to some

Looking at the trailer, I already saw something that may be an issue. As much as I love Grand Theft Auto, the earlier games made me exhausted.I would hijack a car, get lost on my way to a location, and feel like I was driving for hours, literally. I hated the driving in the game.

The Watch Dogs map looks like its pretty big. Traveling may be a bore. I’m hoping they have already addressed this and I’m wrong. (crosses fingers)

Source: Ubisoft

Watch Dogs release date: 12/31/13

Watch Dogs Official Site

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