10 Reasons why the Nintendo Switch will surpass the Wii-U

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Nintendo recently released details on the Nintendo Switch system and how this console is changing the face of gaming. The system is slated to be coming to a store near you this March. The Switch is causing quite a stir because this console is introducing new features to the gaming arena. The Switch stands out from other consoles as the only one that allows you to take the game with you. That means that you can pick up the portion of the console that looks like an Ipad and continue your game on your way out of the house. Can’t even express how handy this is when you have to do some adulting, but really can let go of the game because it took you days to beat that last level. In short, It’s exactly what you would get if the PlayStation and the PSP had a child.

Nintendo is making a very desirable case for prospective buyers with the specs and price alone.  I don’t think this system is enough to prompt gamers to abandon the Xbox One and Playstation 4, but it will surely gain a lot of interested parties, even if they have the other gaming models already. For Nintendo, it’s definitely an upgrade from the Wii-U and I strongly feel that this system will exceed the success of their past platforms.

Here’s why:

The Switch is portable

This is by far, my favorite part of this console. The idea that I could pick up the 6.2 inch screen and take it with me anywhere, blows my mind. Imagine the restful sleep you will have knowing that you can continue your gaming on the train or on the way to work. This is what dreams are made of.

The Switch Console is retailed at $299

When I first took in all the specs on this console, I imagined the system would surely be more then other systems. Surprisingly, the Switch is actually cheaper then the XBOX and PS4 were at launch. Though I think they managed the price because everything else is sold separately.

Battery life can last up to 6 Hours (depending on some factors)

Battery life depends on the game being played and some other conditions. It’s been reported that The Legend of “Zelda: Breath of the Wild”can be played for roughly three hours. At worst, certain games will only give you 3 or so hours of game play.  There’s also a portable adapter for charging outside of the home.

Capture button allows for game play screen shots

If you want to share your game play via social media, there’s a button just for screen shots. This may seem like a mediocre feature, until you realize you can confirm your bragging rights with the press of a button.

Up to 8 systems can be connected for local wireless play

It’s become increasingly important for multiplayer gameplay to provide options. The Switch allows for up to 8 players to connect and play the same game. Don’t know about you, but that sounds like a party.

The Joy Con controller can be used as one unit or separated for two controllers

The Joy Con is a controller made up of two parts,  that can used for two-player game play or for just a single player. It also can be separated to be used as one controller for each hand, which would come in handy for shooting games. Both pieces of the Joy Con have a full set of buttons and are stand alone controllers.

If you don’t like the Joycon, you can by the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

One of the unappealing parts of the Wii was that you had to use the nunchuck-style controllers for everything. A more traditional controller is usually better for certain types of gameplay, even though it sucks that you would have to buy this controller on the side instead of it being included. But options are progress.

The Switch has a stand for gameplay away from the TV

A little piece of plastic on the back of the Switch allows you to prop it up on any surface. An immense convenience when you want to play and are away from a TV. It’s also useful for when you split your joy con for a two player game, and only have the one screen.

Wi-fi online multiplayer gaming 

The console will allow you to play with friends and strangers online. Also, a new online subscription service will also be available to allow for game invites, scheduling appointments, and chat functions. The service will be free at launch and at some point in the fall, it will become a paid service. If you have an XBOX One and a PS4, here’s another bill to add to your list.

Both new and familiar games will feature on the system.

These are the names that have been mentioned: Super Mario Odessey, Mario Kart 8, Legend of Zelda, 1-2-Switch, ARMSSplatoon 2, Elder Scrolls, NBA 2K, Minecraft.  Don’t jump for joy yet, these title launch dates vary. It is nice that Nintendo is expanding their horizons with new publishers. Here’s hoping to see a wider range of games on the Nintendo Switch console.

    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: available on launch date
    • Mario Kart 8:available in April
    • Super Mario Odyssey: Holiday season 2017

  • Splatoon 2: Summer 2017
  • Spring 2017
  • 1-2 Switch available on launch date

Everything won’t be available all at once, but this is a glimpse of the big picture when everything is up and running. It’s looking like a huge upgrade all around.

What do you think of Nintendo Switch and how it compares to Wii-U, other consoles, etc? Is there anything you would have liked to have seen on this console? What is your impression of the Nintendo Switch?

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Nintendo Switch will surpass the Wii U

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