Man sues Betheseda because Fallout 4 is too awesome

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It was a highly anticipated game and now is the first choice for most binge gamers. Fallout 4 takes place after the apocalypse, a topic that we all seem obsessed with as worldly, political, and environmental concerns pile up. Surviving the world after losing everything, is the name of the game here.

So why is this crackpot suing a video game developer because they lost everything they had… in real life? Because the man is out of his mind.





The Daily Mail reported that a 28 year-old Russian man from Krasnoyarsk, who claims that he wasn’t warned that Fallout 4 was so addictive, is suing Bethesda Softworks for 500,000 rubles. (Roughly $7,000 USD) He stopped going to work and lost his job, in addition to his wife leaving him, in a matter of weeks. So what he is suggesting is that the packaging has to now have a warning that the game MAY cause seizures AND/OR Addiction? You may lose your wife AND/OR job if you decide to binge play?


This is absolute nonsense and he knows it. Not that I’ve never been really into a game or I don’t think that game addiction is possible, but the idea that he went as far as suing is ridiculous. I’m upset about it because we shouldn’t be punishing a company that delivered a well made video game. We should be thanking them. This man should have written a well thought out letter of how engrossing the game was and added, for shits and giggles, that he was such a sucker and the game was SOOOO Good that he accidentally lost his job and might be single again.

If we start suing game developers for well made games, they just might not make a sequel. You ever thought about that, moron?  I don’t think that this will make it out of the courts and I personally don’t think that Bethesda has anything to worry about.

But could you imagine the gall here?

What are your thoughts on this? Is a good consuming game worthy of court time? Is this nonsense? Who else was sucked into the Fallout 4 warp?

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