It’s Finally Here! Call of Duty: Black OPs 3 Reveal Trailer

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The gameplay reveal is finally here with a confirmed release date of November 6, 2015. The campaign looks like its going to be quiet an interesting one. I’m looking forward to it. Cyborg players, Robot opponents, and new weapons, are part of the newest features to the Call of Duty franchise, and can be seen in the trailer.

It looks like high-jumps will be returning in this Black Ops addition. An ode to Advanced Warfare. What would the future be if you can’t jump onto the buildings above you?

But most importantly, there is a confirmation that there will be Zombies attached to this edition. Thank the COD gods.

If you preorder, you will get access to the multiplayer beta. Pre-Order Here

What do you think of Black Ops 3? Are you pre-ordering as soon as possible or are you going to pass on this game?

Image Source: COD Black OPS Official Website

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