In the name of Organized Robbery; PayDay2 Releases 21st DLC: The Butcher’s Western Pack

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There are some really good games out there that are like undiscovered treasure. You’ve seen a few ads and some slight mentions, but the promotional campaign hasn’t been successful in getting your attention, so you never even played the game. But when you do, because a friend suggests it or you happen to play it somewhere, you can’t believe you weren’t the first one to jump on the game’s bandwagon.

This is the situation between the game PayDay2 and myself. When I finally played it, I realized it was a dream come true. An organized burglary that required teamwork and strategy. The way I love this game, I must have been someone’s henchmen in my past life. Plus, the option to customize your masks, robbery outfits, and armor. O-M-G How could I not love it.


I’m here to announce that Starbreeze AB is dropping the games 21st DLC. Yes, twenty-first. It launched on Steam yesterday (4/30/15).

The Butchers Western DLC pack features:

The Repeater Rifle, Plainsrider Bow, and The Peacemaker Pistol

4 new Melee weapons including a Tomahawk

Dynamite as a grenade option

4 new Masks, patterns, achievements etc.

PayDay2 is all dressed up in the wild wild west theme and these new weapons and extras will put you right in that western mood.

On another note, I’m still waiting for PayDay3 with the playability of this game and the location variety and advancements of current games, but I digress.

Are you going to get this DLC? Tell me what you think about these new weapons!

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Info on the new DLC pack Butcher’s Western Pack:


Source: StarBreeze / GamesPress

Image Source: 505 Games

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