If you’re not a fan of Dying Light, their 3 hour demo is here to convert you

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FREE. I adore anything that is FREE. A  FREE Demo of Dying Light, one of the most coveted zombie games ever, is available for download on PS4, XBOX One, and PC.

Dying Light’s Demo will not be one of these shim-sham two second teasers, created to enrage and subconsciously force you to give in to buying. This is a demo with 3 HOURS worth of content including: 1 story quest chain, side quests, challenges, etc. The mechanics of the full fledged game are also featured in this little appetizer, such as, the day and night cycle and parkour-based natural movement system. The demo will also provide access to co-op mode with up to 4 players.

Dying Light The Game

Who creates a demo after the game has been released? Techland, that’s who. If you still have not been sold on buying the game or trying it out, and  you’re interested in having a look-see at the actual gameplay, there will be no need to force your bff to download and play. You can download the demo for yourself.

And that’s just in time for the upcoming story based expansion titled:  Dying Light: The Following. Techland has also released a video (featured below) with 15 whole minutes of gameplay at your disposal.

The 15 minutes of  gameplay are from the “Trust Is Out There” quest chain from the expansion. It displays a new map with available dirt buggies, for your driving needs, as well as new weapons to discover.

This game has nothing to hide. There is gameplay to watch and 3 noteworthy hours of gameplay to test out. This game ranks high in my zombie collection and I think that releasing the demo, although the game is already out, is a good way to attract attention for the expansion.

Are you looking forward to Dying Light? Where does this game rank amungst other zombie games? If you played the demo, what do you think? And what about the 15 minutes of gameplay–thoughts???

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