HITMAN – Gamescom released screen shots of gameplay – The bald man is back

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There were new visuals released during Gamescom for the upcoming game Hitman. A stealth game that puts you in the position of aiming at high profile targets in exotic locations around the world. This is a dream job–minus the assassination part, although some wouldn’t mind that too much either. I’m excited to see the bald man back in action. Let’s hope that the gameplay matches the good looking setup and plot.

Gamescom released shots






Agent 47’s target is a Russian billionaire named Viktor Novikov, the leader of a spy ring called IAGO. During the Sanguine fashion show in Paris, you use your skills to take down this mastermind. It is your choice whether you go in guns blazing or simply put together an organized stealthy work of perfection in your assassination attempt.

Release date: December 8, 2015

Source: Square-Enix

What would you like in this Hitman game that was not featured before? Anything that needs an upgrade from the past HITMAN games? And what are you looking forward to?
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