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Everything we know about Mafia III is making this upcoming game a monster compared to the last edition. If you haven’t played any of the series, know that you can’t be a fan of Italian mafia fiction such as The Godfather and Goodfellas without liking the video game equivalent. The past Mafia editions let you be a mobster and work your way to the top in an open world . This time around, your on the other side of the playing field. YOU are the Mafia’s enemy. You’re making a team that wants to dismantle the mafia, and if you know how these mobsters do business, you can imagine what a whole new ball game this is going to be.

Mafia III has released a few videos to give some background on the new game that is staged in a re-imagined New Orleans: New Bordeaux. Lincoln Clay, an african american vietnam vet who has lost his black mob family to the mafia, decides to get revenge on the mobster organization by assembling his own team. Every member of this team has a reason to want the Mafia dead.

Mafia III – Meet The Family

Lincoln Clay
Thomas Burke
Cassandra The Voodoo Queen
Vito Scaletta

Lincoln Clay’s Mentors

The Enemy: The Marcanos



I don’t know how he did it, because I would think twice before hitting the mafia up, but Lincoln Clay manages to put together a team with grudges against the Marcanos. The point of the game is to weaken the Mafia’s operations by hitting them where it hurts. That means messing with their drug street teams, heroin dealers, pimps, and lieutenants. Everyone who gives the family a cut of their money is impaired by either Lincoln or one of his associates.

They also attack the Marranos’ money making places of business. The PCP labs, safe houses, and strip clubs get damaged, as well as the employees running these operations. Lincoln’s plan is also to get a hold on their gun trade, expensive cars, and most importantly, snitching members. By the time they are through with depleting this city of everything Lou Marcano has a hold on, Lincoln are more then ready to finish the job.

We’ll have to wait to the release to see what this game is really all about. I think its safe to say that I’m a little excited about it. Being a mafia, soprano, loving fanatic –But not too sure.


Here are some of the goods you get if you preorder:

Click here to Preorder        Release Date: Oct 7th 2016

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