Ember Teaser Trailer confirms futuristic Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

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The first trailer we saw hinted hard at the futuristic landscape of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. And with this new trailer released, we know for sure that Black Ops will be following closely to the Advanced Warfare blueprint. The only thing is that, although the reviews online rave about COD: AW (advanced warfare) gameplay, the actual consensus of fans weren’t too happy with the game.

I’m one of those players that started out with COD: Modern Warfare 4, before the hype, so I can see why the game is unappealing to some. I think the futuristic layout had a lot to do with any negative feels for the game. It’s a significant change from past games that had contemporary guns and modern-day locations. Even the COD games focused on the distant past [COD: World at War] experienced some criticism for the antiquated artillery.  A lot of gamers and fandom buffs don’t like change. But it isn’t just “change” that makes players uncomfortable, it’s that the changes don’t contribute to the fulfillment of the game.

I remember playing COD: AW  and shooting the crap out of my care package because I didn’t know what the hell landed from the sky into the ground, and losing the opportunity to catch a hard point because I couldn’t understand where the tangible connection was to Headquarters. I was looking for a laptop or something physical to capture, rather than an area to stand in. These are just minor things that we have to adjust to and learn along the way. But this isn’t the type of change that has a dramatic effect on a game’s popularity.

The kind of change that I’m referencing has more to do with the structure of the game and setting. Not to mention that some people are not too happy about the exoskeleton and the ability to “fly jump” across the board. The flying thing is either a big win or a huge loss, depending on who you’re speaking with. All of this together has made Advanced Warfare a deal closer for a lot of players. If I had a penny for every gamer I heard tell me that they are playing older versions of COD because they don’t like COD: AW, I’d have enough money to buy my own island.

Within the next few months, we’ll be able to see more on how COD: Black Ops 3 measures up to its predecessors. Hopefully, we can get a 90/10 appreciation of the game, where the 90 represents the number of satisfied customers. You can’t make everyone happy; probably, they can put a few smiles on the bulk of COD gamers that are faithful to the franchise.

Image Source: Games Press / Activision

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