Decipher the Code; TelltaleGames tease from the Game of Thrones Game

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Telltale Games has released a new teaser image for its upcoming Game Of Thrones game. With games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Amungst us, you can already imagine its going to be amazing!

The road to the fully developed game will be paved with teasers, and I love that all we get here is a quote.

game of thrones game series

The Ironwoods are the trees located in northern Westeros as told here -> Read Leading us straight to the home of the Starks in the north. Their godswood is right in their backyard and filled with Ironwood trees. The sword in the middle could be anyones sword, from Ned Starks to Jon Snows. Which leads us back to Winterfell.

Will this story begin in Winterfell? #IronfromIce

What do you think this new teaser and quote mean? Anyone have any ideas?

source: Telltale Games



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