11 Death Stranding Plot theories

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Hideo Kojima had announced during E3 2016 that he will be releasing a video game in the next few years named Death Stranding with Norman Reedus as the main protagonist. He debuted the trailer below as a taste of whats to come.

Death Stranding Plot Theories

Kojima is most famously linked to Metal Gear Solid. I happened to like the game Zone of the Enders, but I seem to be the only one that remembers it and the superior graphics of this game for that time. Kojima’s trailer for Death Stranding is as vague as ever . You can tell that the story and graphics of this game will be quite complex. But as to what the actual story will be about, no one has a clue.

There is the poem at the beginning of the trailer that may give us a clue, as well as the little details within the video.

To see the World in a grain of Sand
And Heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour
– William Blake

That’s all we have for now. Here a few theories on the plot for Death Stranding:

An Alien life form has taken over the world

Death Stranding Norman Reedus Aliens

The five hovering things at the end of the video, suggests that aliens may have alot to do with the video game. If this is true, we may be getting ready to check out a dystopian earth, where aliens have human beings under their thumbs. (Or whatever appendage they have)

Humankind has damaged the earths resources


The scattered carcasses of crabs, fish, and whales, may suggest that humans have destroyed their resources. The black oil also suggests something with oil spills being damaging to the environment. This may have become an invitation for these outer world beings to come over and regulate.

The aliens have destroyed nature

Then there’s the possibility that those hovering aliens have destroyed the resources for the humans. Maybe they needed to leave humans without anything so they can take over and make them dependent.

The preview is just a dream

This could be just a warning. Maybe Norman Reedus will wake up from this and realize that humankind is on the brink of destroying mother earth. He  could also be realizing that aliens are coming to punish humankind for destroying the earth.

The aliens are warning mankind

This could be directed specifically to Norman Reedus on things that are about to happen.

Norman Reedus’s baby may represent humankind


The baby may be a representation of humankind because of the way Norman cries when he holds it. And of course, he may just be experiencing a mothers joy. Based on the scars on his stomach, he had some crude c-section to deliver this baby.

Norman Reedus is part of the military


Although We can’t tell much about the chain around Norman Reedus’s neck, it’s possible that those are dog tags. He can be a soldier that has awakened in the middle of this post-apocalyptic world.

Norman Reedus was a criminal

Even more confusing then the dog tags, is the handcuff that is still linked to his arm. If he was a criminal that got away, he may have been intercepted by the aliens during his escape.

Norman Reedus tried to escape the post-apocalyptic aliens

I think it’s clear that the setting of this game is in the future. But there’s something about the glowing blue light on the hand cuffs that suggests that there is more to the story. Is it possible that Norman Reedus escaped from the aliens when they tried to take him?

Humankind will have a new way of reproducing


Is this c-section and cable umbilical cord alluding to something or is it meant to be taken in the literal sense? Are humans reproducing differently in this world. That would mean that men could have children too.

Invisibility is literal


There is no way of telling what is being alluded to and what is meant to be seen as the real thing. But the baby becoming invisible and the invisible prints that lead us to Norman laying on the beach, may mean that invisibility is a thing in this world. There are also the many oily hand prints covering Norman’s naked body. Invisibility could be a power of these aliens or something that humans have learned to do. But we can’t be certain if it was meant to be poetic.

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