Biff Returns for Tell Tale Games 30th Anniversary Back to the future game

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Save the date because 10/21/15 is the exact point in time that Marty Mcfly and Doc went back to the future. Tell Tale games announced last month that for the 30th anniversary of the release of the films, they would be re-releasing Back to the Future The Game with some extras.

Just to make the occasion even more magical, they tried their best to bring back as much of the original cast to do voice overs for their original characters. Tell Tale was successful in bringing back Doc, Biff, and even, Michael J. Fox (Marty) for certain scenes.

In an exclusive interview with Tom Wilson, better known as Biff, Wilson dishes on his favorite film of the trilogy and his motivation for the classic bully character. Apparently, Wilson has had his fair share of experience with bullies and put together a rough image based on his experiences. I could not believe this. With that gruff voice his and the conviction in which he spits out the word “butt-head,” I was almost sure that he had conjured up memories of his own bullying perspectives. But I was wrong. He fooled me and that presents a good argument for his skill as an actor.

Even seeing this interview leaves me surprised that his voice is as smooth and serene, as undisturbed lake waters. He’s a completely different person then his memorable character.

The 30th anniversary edition was re-released 10/13/15 in stores and online for XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS4, Steam, AppStore, and Google play – Download your copy [here]

Back to the Future The Game 30th Anniversary

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