Best 5 Video Games of 2013: The Ones that Count

The Best Game This Year

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The world of video games has left us with many options in 2013. The most successful of all the games are the ones that managed to surprise and award us with their capabilities. This includes: having a spectacular story-line, providing players with choices, and setting up unimaginable resources. We’re at the end of the year,  and much like the academy awards, it’s time to round up the most talented.

What makes a video game a candidate for being memorable?

The more we are able to do with our weapons, the more freedom we have to explore, and the more options we are given in the destiny of characters–the happier we all are.  Finally, as mentioned before, the storyline has to be orgasmic. We want twists and turns at every corner. We want it all. Some of the game favorites didn’t make the cut and some are very expected. But overall, these top games have touched most of the aspects of gaming that are important. It is what it is.

The Best Video Games of 2013

Top 5 Video Games of 2013

  1. Last of Us

  2. Assasins Creed IV: Black Flag

  3. Battlefield 4

  4. Tomb Raider

  5. Grand Theft Auto V

What are your picks for the year? Did you think there were any underappreciated game? Comment below or message me to talk more video games?

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