Anti-Monday: Mortal Kombat X and Raiden’s New Moves

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Monday’s will now be Anti-Monday aka Anticipation Monday. Instead of dreading the beginning of the week, we will be celebrating a highly anticipated video game that we wish would get here faster then the next Monday. This week, Mortal Kombat X, is on the wish list.

I’m a big fan of Mortal Kombat but have not been in love with any of the games featured since Mortal Kombat 2. (Don’t hate me) It was my first love, which I have mentioned in a post last week, and I just can’t see the newer versions even comparing. I even beat several Mortal Kombat games after, and still feel like that particular game excited me more then anything. Mostly, I hate when the new stuff added to keep us entertained changes the game completely. The only thing that seems to be ever present and consistent are fatalities.

Wiz Khalifa is the rapper featured in the trailer. The song is titled “Can’t be Stopped”

Putting my bias aside, Mortal Kombat X is the first game to get me super excited about the franchise in a long time. What I like is that although the graphics are more advanced and moves have been added, the setting is simple even though it is detailed. Im hoping there isn’t anything that will damper my mood like a new “Crabality” or “Bieberality” or something. I will never forgive them for the Babality finishers!

Like any other fighting game, there are always popular stars. Subzero and Scorpion are always at the top of the list, which is why their first trailer was such a great move.


The latest trailer features the thunder god Raiden. Famous for his lightning abilities, he’s always been a fave of mine because I know he had to have been inspired by Lightning a member of the 3 storms in the movie Big Trouble in Little China. 

Raiden’s gameplay and fatality look promising for Mortal Kombat X.

This new game claims to give the option of choosing variations of the same character effecting fighting style and strategy. But it will be awhile before we can actually get our hands on this one.

Release date: TBA 2015

Source: Mortal Kombat X / Netherrealm Studios

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