Escaping the new Governor; “In Harm’s Way” TWD Game Season 2, Episode 3 review

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The Walking Dead Game season 2 episode 3 In Harm's way
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The Walking Dead Game season 2 episode 3: In Harm’s way takes Clementine to Bill Carver’s hell. If you remember from the last episode, Bill Carver is the real father of Roberta’s child and a prior housemate of Clementine’s current family. His dictatorship in an abandoned hardware store, resembles the Governor on the actual Walking Dead show. Only Bill Carver, has no intentions of appearing sane or nice.

Carver The Walking Dead Game season 2 episode 3 In Harm's way
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Those that follow Carver’s lead are interested in survival. There is plenty of food and more security in numbers. The organized lifestyle provides most of them with the feeling that everything is taken care of. But what they don’t realize is, that Carver has no care for humanity left and people could easily lose their lives. It isn’t just one person he happens to kill because they piss him off, there may be many, and no way to stop what triggers his anger. No one is safe in Carver’s land.


The Walking Dead Game season 2 episode 3 In Harm's way
Source: TellTaleGames

Clementine and the others have to do chores and take part in keeping this sector functional. Carver has no care in the world that Sarah cannot handle or comprehend the world that she has been forced into. Protecting her and trying to plan an escape with the others, are Clementine’s main concerns in this episode. Carver’s colleagues act as security guards or correctional officers. They escort everyone to their chores and bring them all to an outdoor holding cell, where they sleep. With the exception of Alvin, who is in Carver’s custody.

There isn’t too much fighting in this episode. There is a lot more stealth work done. Clementine can be asked to do a chore in one place and at another time she will be looking for something that they may need. So if you were expecting for Clementine to come out guns blazing (so to speak) in this episode, you may have to wait for the next one.


Everything that doesn’t contribute to a chore or an escape plan informs the player about character background.


Dripping in guilt, Bonnie spends a lot of her time trying to bond and shelter Clementine. It is up to you as the player whether you decide to be rude or forgiving. Bonnie is the one who tricked everyone into believing she needed help back at the ski lodge giving Carver easy access to the group. It is understandable if you can’t forgive such a traitor. I treated her with indifference. I was more concerned with how she could help get everyone out.


As we learned last episode, Clementine’s group escaped Carver before. Reggie is the person that helped them all escape the first time. He was left behind and lost an arm because of his betrayal. It easy to feel bad for him but you will quickly realize that the experience has left him quite submissive. He is working extra hard at pleasing Carver, so that he could be apart of his inner circle again. He doesn’t look trustworthy anymore.


Whether you choose to help Sarah with her chores or you do your own, Carver’s disappointment causes him to kill Reggie. This is a prime example of Carver’s lack of care for others. Reggie was willing to do anything to please Carver and it had no effect on Carver’s decision to kill him.


Luke is the only member from last episode that is not with the group. Kenny is convinced that he has ditched them and moved on. But as I have mentioned in past reviews, Luke is the new Lee. He would never abandon Clementine.

New Girl

One of the fellow prisoners is a young girl with a short cut that is very quiet. Reggie says she’s crazy because they found her wandering around covered in zombie blood and guts, but if you know anything about the show, this girl has got potential. And if your not a fan of the show and just play the games, think back to Season one. Lee and Clementine once covered themselves in blood and guts to walk through a herd of zombies.


The Walking Dead Game season 2 episode 3 In Harm's way
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Escaping from Carver’s hardware hell isn’t easy, and it’s not entirely because of the tyrannical psychopath running the place. There are herds of zombies constantly threatening the safety of their strong hold. This means if Clementine and the group get out, it is most likely they will have to deal with too many zombies to count. Our little Clementine is no longer a child here. She is making adult decisions and experiencing adult life.

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