Just in time for the Grammy’s, Lincoln introduces the music selfie!! #Music Selfie

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Lincoln Music Selfie

Some fads come and go, but it seems like the selfie is still keeping up its influence. Just in time for Grammy week, Lincoln motors company released a selfie campaign that allows scanning software to come up with a soundtrack based on your unique features.

It’s a music selfie!! Lincoln is dedicated to the arts, so this campaign syncs the brand’s commitment to the artistic culture it supports.  Music selfies are generated in real-time, and more than 4 million facial-recognition audio track variations are possible. The images are scanned by software developed exclusively for Lincoln by Jam3, a Toronto-based digital production agency. Using data from the facial analysis, the experience creates a 20-second music composition comprised of audio tracks supplied by music production company Plan8.

Check out the details on this innovative campaign here:

So you know, anyone can make one of these music selfies. I took the liberty of making one of my own. https://securemg.lincoln.com/musicselfie/play/wgEQHzjmjOjX I would think my eyebrows have something to do with the good musical selection 🙂

Make a selfie of your own here: https://securemg.lincoln.com/musicselfie


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