Is Glenn calling out to us? The Walking Dead Season 6 ep 6 Always Accountable

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If you wanted to know what was taking our crew going west so long to get back home to Rick, then you got one dandy of an explanation as to what caused the delay. Sasha, Abraham, and Darryl finally reach a bend in their road thats far enough west to abandon the walkers migrating in that direction. Once they turn, they’re ambushed by others shooting. These shooters appear clean, have guns, and don’t have the aura of the wolves, so we can’t assume they are and we never get a confirmation during the episode.

Abraham and Sasha head in one direction dodging bullets being targeted at their rusted out car. They drive through a wall and emerge on foot shooting at the blue car that had been chasing them. Just in time to see Darryl fleeing into dense woods. Now Abraham was going to do something stupid along the lines of taking his luck too far and slashing up the car for no reason. Sasha puts him in check and thats when you hear tires squealing, clearly there are others and these two are stranded on foot. Abe and Sasha run and hide. They were saved by the smart thinking of a woman that wanted to end her life just a few weeks ago.

Darryl is being chased by several cars in the woods and he hides out for a bit, while they circle back. He walks his car into a clearing inside the woods and stumbles onto the floor. Beside him, theres a burnt out walker with a bike helmet. In the aerial view, we get to see the huge burnt out spot in the woods. It seems the whole area had been set on fire.

He walks his bike the rest of the way. A smart move since they can find him by the sound of the bikes motor. As he’s walking there are burnt and charred corpses laying around everywhere. Darryl starts calling out Sasha and Abe on his walkie but all he gets back is static. Darryl is bleeding from his hand, much like Rick was. He takes off his glove and coat and his hand is dripping blood all the way from the top of his arm. Either a bullet grazed him or he injured himself sliding his bike on the ground.

- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
– The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

He takes out his bow and covers his bikes with some branches and leaves. Darryl goes into high alert mode listening to the sounds in the woods. With his arrow aimed and ready, he discovers two girls and a man. They are pleading with him because they are claiming they “earned what they took”. They must think that Darryl is someone else. One of them knocks him out. Darryl goes in and out of consciousness and catches glimpses of the group by a fire at night.

The blonde thin man, who looks like a walker, calls Darryl to wake up in the morning. Darryl is tied up and must follow along with them. They think he is part of the group that had been chasing him to begin with. They offer Darryl water and he declines the offer, but they force him to drink it because he can’t pass out and slow them down.

The plan is to trade Darryl in to the group, in exchange for survival? I’m assuming. They caused the fire that has charred majority of the woods. It sounds like they were escaping the people who are looking for them, when their car caused an explosion and a resulting fire burned everything around including walkers. The blonde man ends up threatening Darryl with his gun, after he calls them stupid. Darryl may just have meant their current plans, but never admits again that he is not who they think he is. Darryl even tries to strike up a deal, which is the usual case with most of these crooked folks thus far. His vagueness makes it sound like he’s part of the people that were hunting them earlier. And I can’t even blame their suspicion of him.

In search for someone named Patty, they walk to a trailer setup on the edge of the woods surrounded by a fence. Based on their reactions, the walkers roaming the fenced in location, were probably not there before. Tina, the young girl with cropped hair, faints. Darryl takes this opportunity to grab their duffle bag with tied up hands and makes and escape.

Darryl takes out his walkie from the bag and tries again to reach out to Abe and Sasha. He gets static nothing but static. A near by walker almost gets Darryl, when he can’t manage to get his bow out of the duffel bag fast enough. He looks into the bag after he gets the walker and finds a cooler labeled INSULIN. Tina must be a diabetic and now he’s going to have to return this stuff to the three idiots that kidnapped him earlier.

Sasha calls out to Darryl on the walkie and gets static. So Sasha and Abe use their tracking skills to conclude that Darryl had shot off a few rounds (based on the shells on the floor,) before heading into the woods. He must be alive, but how to find him in such a vast area without getting caught up with the people that were chasing them? Darryl is a tracker, their best bet is to stay where they are and let Darryl find them. Sasha’s plan also includes writing Dixon on an outside door where they will be staking out. Abe tries to go after one random walker in the midst of their new place and Sasha nearly bites his head off. He should be smart enough to know that killing the walker would leave “bread crumbs.” They can be tracked to their location based on a pointless kill. Abe goes into the office they have set up as camp with his tail between his legs.

Abe clears out the office space that must have belonged to a military professional. Since he finds a uniform and a family pic in one of the rooms. A glass wall divides a single walker from them. The doors are locked and Abe can’t stay still wanting to kill that one walker. Cue Sasha and Abe argument. This was revealed previously, but Abe confirms again that he took the ride with Sasha to make sure she wasn’t planning on committing suicide. She didn’t have a care in the world for her own life and we all knew that.

Sasha calls him a hypocrite. She thinks his careless and sloppy acts are the same kind of negligence for personal survival. Why would he go and waste time slashing up a car, knowing that others could be just minutes away? Why would he kill a walker with his gun, causing noise which may attract others, when the single walker doesn’t pose a threat? That’s an interesting idea that Sasha poses. Maybe Abe’s aggressiveness is more about not caring if he dies.

Darryl finds the two girls and the blonde man. He asks the man for what he was whittling. Apparently, the guy had been carving a little wooden statute out of a branch. I don’t know what Darryl wants with this but if you could shed light on this, comment or get in touch with me on social media. Darryl returns the bag and leaves the little group amazed. If Darryl was really a part of that group that had been hunting them, why would he return? He wishes them luck and heads out.

A truck rams through the trees and Darryl hides out to listen in. The men that had been chasing them come out and tell them to return what isn’t theirs. I think they were talking about the Insulin. It’s possible that they were part of community much like Grady Memorial hospital, where they received the essentials in exchange for labor or something else. For the record, we never get to see the faces of the men that walk out of the car. We hear voices and see them from the waist down. The main speaker looks clean with  jeans, a plaid shirt, a big bronze belt buckle, and a ring on his finger. There is another group in the comics that these people could represent but I’m not going to talk about it. I want to see how this plays out.

Before the little group could be hunted again, Darryl gets a hold of them and leads them deeper into the woods. The whole time I was crossing my fingers that these men didn’t get a glimpse of him. This show has made mess selfish. I care only for my group.

They hide out crouched behind some trees near a walker thats trapped behind a rock. One of the hunters gets bitten by the walker and ends up having his arm chopped off to stop him from turning. The two hunters walk it off. Because we are suppose to believe that you can walk off the pain of getting your arm cut off.

Thats when the skinny blonde guy realizes that Darryl couldn’t possibly be one of those guys on the hunt. And why did he help them? And why didn’t he tell them or explain to them who he really was? Maybe because he’s stupid. Not my words, they were said by Darryl himself.

- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
– The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Meanwhile, Abe does a little exploring in the area. He finds a military vehicle with a ton of RPGs still in their cases. He also finds a box of cigars. Abe has hit the jackpot like never before. Even with all these spoils, he has his eye out on an RPG strapped onto a walker that is skewed on a pole on the other side of a fallen fence. Abe crawls across the fence without his gun and almost gets bitten fighting with the walker. He even screams at the walker.  Abe gets frustrated, realizing that at any point he could end up screwed for one little RPG and he comes back to get his cigars and new toys. The walker is so revved up on getting Abe, that he pushes against the pole till it splits him in half, leaving the RPG hanging from the fence with no obstacles around. Maybe there is some thing to Sasha’s theory, eh?

Abe returns with his new Xmas presents and congratulates Sasha for calling bullshit. She had him pinned to the very last detail. And because of this, Abe would like to get to know Sasha better. He wants to really know her better, you know like date her. Before your head spins off its base, let me point out that Sasha comes back with a witty IM NOT EVEN INTERESTED reply that ends with: you have to fix some things first before we go there. So, these two are about to start a relationship and his chick back at the camp is going to end up coming to blows with Sasha. I can see it all now. TWD is worst then these reality shows with all of the romantic drama.

Darryl and the group discuss the camp they were in and how they didn’t know everyone, which is why he could have been one of them. They come across a burnt down house in the woods and Tina realizes that it belonged to two members of their group that the men hunting them claimed had gone up north. The entire house was burned to the ground but the two people have bags over their heads, meaning they had been killed prior to the fire. Tina bends down next to them crying and the two walkers get up and bite her on her neck. The remaining woman and blonde man are distraught. They dig up a grave for the three bodies.

While watching the despair in the couple, Darryl asks the man how many people he killed and how many walkers. The Blonde claims he’s killed dozens of walkers but no humans. He believes if he kills a person then theres no hope in returning to the civilized life they once had. This moves Darryl to invite them back to the safe zone. Actually the questions implied that he was giving them an application to the safe zone. Darryl’s careful not to give any unnecessary info, but tells them of the life his group has been living. He recovers his bike and they walk it out to the clearing. He intends to meet up with Abe and Sasha before they head out.

The blonde man and the woman don’t believe that Sasha and Abe are still alive because of their personal track records with people. They don’t realize how skilled this group is with survival and how likely it is that they are waiting for Darryl somewhere.In addition, they don’t realize main characters can’t all die at once unless its a season finale. Since they don’t think Darryl will be returning to anyone alive, they figure they should make their own plans. At gun point, they take Darryl’s bike and his bow.

Everytime they take his bow I get so pissed off. Go get your own cool gadget.The bow is like his signature outfit and someones always trying to take off with it.

Darryl tells them their going to be sorry and I’m hoping he keeps the promise. Darryl tracks a crashed truck for Patricks fuel company hidden by some bushes. He kills the walker inside, that probably died in the car crash. Now he has a ride.

Abe puts on the military uniform from the closet and Sasha looks at him in approval. She was probably all hot over it. They hear a car outside and run out to meet with Darryl who finds them. They all hop into the fuel truck and head towards Alexandria. Darryl starts to call Rick on the walkie this time and gets no response. Someone else does respond and says “HELP ME”

Up for debate: Did the HELP ME response come from Glenn? The internets collapsed after the episode with the claims and celebrations that the voice on that line was Glenn.

1– If your team paranoid, then you believe that this is a lure.

2–If your team Glenn has to be alive at all costs, then the voice sounded like Glenn.

3–And if you think it’s a new sauce being added to the kettle, then you think this is someone that we haven’t encountered before.

Let the games begin: Who’s voice was on the walkie talkie? Comment below

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