A Glimpse of Ford Research in Silicon Valley ; Ford Trends 2015

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Ford Trends 2015

Because Ford is looking toward technology for the answers to smart mobility, they have created a base for research right in the heart of Silicon Valley. I had the pleasure of visiting the Ford headquarters during Ford Trends, in addition to their partnership areas with HP and SAP. Within Silicon Valley, they are experimenting with solutions that impact the environment and providing quality products, for the upcoming generations.

Ford Trends: Ford GT – Made of Carbon Fiber



Don’t be jealous, but I got to see the most talked about super car and it was pretty exciting. Other then being marveled with it’s gorgeous exterior, the mechanics were enough to get the heart racing. This Ford GT is mostly made of carbon fiber, allowing for it to be lighter then most cars of the same level and design. Which means, that it would take less gas to catapult this baby in speed. It also makes for better handling and efficiency in a light weight super car. The design is the latest in aerodynamics, so there is no doubt that this could be the makings of the race car of the future.

Under it’s hood, it has a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine,  producing more than 600 horsepower.



Ford Trends: MMLV FUSION


The MMLV fusion is a research concept car that is 700 pounds lighter then the standard Fusion. Ford accomplished this by using different materials and metals, that would make the vehicle lighter, but not take away from it’s strength. It’s made of steel, aluminum, magnesium, and other composite metals. This vehicle is still in the exploration phase, but if this type of protype makes its way into the market, we are looking at more bang for our buck.

Less gas and more efficiency, without having to neglect safety in the process.

Ford Trends: Organic Substitutes



Ford is also looking into organic material that is usually considered waste, to recycle into their cars. This would allow for an increase in resources and we wouldn’t deplete raw materials from mother earth, that are not in an unlimited supply. I was genuinely amazed by the natural materials they were using to make car parts.


These materials have already been used in some of the Ford models. The 2008 Ford Mustang sported their first soy foam seating.


Algae is another option used to create foam seating. These type of innovative solutions also include everyday forms of waste in our fruit and vegetables. They are looking into ways to repurpose the peels, stems, and seeds in tomatoes to create wiring brackets and storage bins. Corn can be made into Polyactide plastic, which is biodegradable, and can be used for carpeting and upholstering. Your salad, could be inside your next car!


But what I thought was the most exciting, was knowing that we could reuse organic material that we have absolutely no use for. Instead of ending up in the trash, it could serve a real purpose inside of a car. The hairy part of the coconut is usually discarded, but Ford is looking to use this type of waste to create organic interiors for cars. And that indian grass, pictured above, can be converted to a hard surface, and actually can be of use to make parts that we would use plastic and other non-biodegradeable parts.

Ford’s Internet of Things wear:Electric Car App for Apple and Samsung watches


Ford is exploring ways to use  internet connected devices and machines to work in unison with their cars. This summer Ford will be releasing an app to be used on smart watches that will provide valuable data for electric car owners. If they want to check the level of electricity left in their car, all they would have to do is look at their watch. It will also provide info on distance, usage, and even inform where the nearest charging station is located. This app can also be downloaded for the iPhone or Galaxy with the same type of features.



Ford’s Internet of Things research: The Nest


Ford partnered with google owned home thermostat company, The Nest, to see how they can integrate needs between the car and home. At this point in this development, they are probing the option to give voice commands to the car, that would control the temperature within the home. How could this be helpful? Well, if the weather changes or you just got out of the gym, and your dripping with sweat, The Nest, would allow for you to cool your home down, before you arrive. Its a pretty neat idea, especially, since the weather can change from one hour to the next, here on the east side.


Another helpful use for this product, is if there is a fire or a carbon monoxide risk, The Nest would alert the car of the issue. You would know to call for help, when you’re not even home.


What do you think about Ford’s research experiments? Are you looking forward to any of these developments making the market? Comment Below or message me to talk Ford Trends.

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