Will Flash be able to stop Iris’ death?

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I’m still waiting for the moment that Barry wakes up and Flashpoint was all a dream. It seems like all of the consequences that his alternate timeline created are getting worse by the minute. And I can’t even imagine how Barry and friends will figure out how to fix it.

When Barry threw the philosophers stone into the speed force, he ended up five months into the future. He witnesses Savitar killing Iris. So far Barry has been unable to stop time and the ramifications of flash point, how will he be able to stop time from taking Iris as well? Even the newspaper article from the future that the original Wells had hidden in his secret room, has changed. It should have been written by Iris West, but is now authored by some other journalist. Barry realizes that everything is setting up to end with that night when Iris dies.

His first plan was to quit being the Flash, but HR explains that even if you stop certain things from happening it may lead to her death anyway. The only hope would be in altering a chain of events enough that they may change the future. So that’s the plan. They will change the future. Have these people not learned to stop messing with time already?

Anyway Barry and Cisco vibe back to the future…LOL


and watch a news broadcast in order to jot down events of the day that will need to be prevented, in order to change the future, and hopefully skew everything away from causing Iris to die.

Events that must be stopped to save Iris

City still recovering following gorilla attack

That can only mean that Grodd is back. Flash and Kid Flash will most likely have a huge fight with the gorilla, causing city destruction. Will they stop Grodd from making an appearance or stop him from causing destruction? And how many lives does a gorilla have? This one has more come backs then any cat I’ve ever heard of.

Killer Frost still at large


Cisco stutters when he sees that Caitlin will inevitably turn to Killer frost again. It’s her biggest fear and  Malfoy (Julian) partners with Cisco to create a necklace that suppresses her cold powers. Will her necklace get destroyed? Will someone bait her into becoming Killer Frost?

Music Meister gets 6 figure book deal


Music Meister is rumored to be making an appearance during the Supergirl/Flash musical episodes. Darren Criss, of Glee fame, will guest star as Music Meister. So the key here would be to prevent music meister from doing anything fantastic warranting a book deal.

Luigis opens after murder

Someone else will die near or at Luigi’s restaurant. They’ll either have to prevent the murder or prevent Luigi’s from opening.

Joe West honored at City Hall

This is probably the easiest of events to prevent. As much as Joe deserves it, he’ll have to turn that award down to save his daughter. Maybe they can re-schedule the award ceremony. I hate to imagine that he won’t finally get rewarded for all of his hard work and dedication.

Star Labs museum closes

HR’s museum opening was a bust, but Cisco helps gain guests by contacting elementary schools with special discounts. The museum is now buzzing with parents and their children. Unfortunately, It’s success only lasts for five months. Does the museum lose popularity or is the group forced to close the place down due to unfortunate events?


In stopping these events, they can probably change the future and Iris will not die. However, it’s going to be hard since they have no idea how these events are going to come to play and when.

And finally, two important details that will effect next week’s episode and possibly their chances of getting a head start on that list.

  1. When Barry wen’t back to Iris’ death scene, the future had changed again. This time, HR was on a roof with a rifle aimed at Savatar and Iris. Barry assumes that HR was trying to stop Savatar but if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that HR never shot at Savatar and Barry leaves the future before he could see what his future self does after holding Iris’ dead body in his arms. HR could have just been aiming for the Flash and just waited till he zoomed in to catch Iris, before he shot.Are all Harrison Wells’ destined to have some sort of malice? Is he as intent on taking out Barry as everyone else is?
  2. A mystery girl (Jessica Camacho) appears at the end of the episode from the speed force. She glances at a hologram of HR before setting off into Central City, so we can expect to that Barry and friends will be meeting her real soon. Rumor has it that the new guest is Gypsy, a meta-human with telepathic like powers from Earth-19. The question is how her arrival is related to the events that they are trying to stop. Also, will she reveal HR’s deepest secrets.


What is your guess on how they will change these events? Do you feel that HR with a rifle aimed is relevant? What do you think about this mystery girl that appeared? Comment Below or message me here to talk more Flash

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