Who Wants to be a Supreme? episode 13 American Horror Story: Coven

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American Horror Story Coven Season Finale

The season finale of American Horror Story Coven was received with mixed feelings. Sadness, because it’s the end of a season and the end of the coven itself. Happiness, because we finally see the conclusion to all our questions and disappointment, because we would have written the ending differently. Almost everyone who saw this finale had something about it that they would have wanted to change or just plain zap out of the episode.

American Horror Story Coven Stevie Nicks

The final episode ran something like a gameshow: Who wants to be a supreme? The contestants are Zoe, Madison, Queenie, and Misty Day. Our judges are the high-fashion witch Myrtle Snow and, the skin flap for eyes having daughter of the previous supreme, Cordelia.

American Horror Story Coven The Last Supper

The task is to have our contestants perform the seven wonders, so they can determine who is the supreme. Some of the wonders may be fatal, so obviously, we may lose a witch or two in the process. Stevie Nicks returns to sing her hit  The Seven Wonders, to wish the girls good luck before their final supper. Their last supper consists of caviar and champagne, i wouldn’t expect anything less from Myrtle.

The Seven Wonders


American Horror Story Coven Telekinesis

The first wonder is the power of telekinesis, moving objects with the mind. Our 4 contestants must move a lighted candlestick to them. Piece of cake. Misty talked to much and second guessed her abilities, but she did just fine. The woman can bring people back from the dead, I don’t think she should have worried about moving a candle.


American Horror Story Coven Mind Control

The second wonder takes the power of the mind to another level. Our 4 contestants must control another person with their mind. Misty makes Queenie slap herself in the face and Queenie makes Misty pull her own hair. Overboard Mary aka Madison decides that she is going to make Kyle drop a tray of glasses he is carrying and kiss her, while she looks intently at Zoe. Then she has him lick her shoe. Nice, ala Madam Delphine. Madison doesn’t understand how her actions make her look stupid. How jealous can Zoe get when you had to use mind control to get what you want? Zoe counters the bitch move by making Kyle kiss her. Madison’s bitter ass then has Kyle start to choke Zoe. Cordelia waves her hand and Kyle goes flying against the wall. This could have been a little less childish. Don’t you think?


American Horror Story Coven Misty Day Hell

Wonder number 3: Go to Hell

We’ve already witnessed what this looks like, last episode, when Queenie goes to her hell to find Papa Legba. This time she returns to the chicken spot from hell with a line of hungry, unmoving people that goes around the block. This task is timed because as Papa told Queenie, too much time in Hell will get you stuck there, so she is the first to come back. Madison returns and figures out her hell is a live network musical version of he Sound of Music and she’s not the lead. (Gasp!) Zoe’s hell is a loop of Kyle breaking up with her and saying he doesn’t love her, over and over again.

Misty is transported to her childhood biology class, where they are dissecting a dead frog. Being the hippie swamp witch that she has always been, she revives her frog and refuses to dissect a creature, whether living or dead. A little brat in her class rats her out to the teacher and he makes her dissect the live frog, causing Misty to scream in agony. This reviving frog, cutting frog, screaming, repeats itself in a loop. A loop that Misty does not know how to break free from.

Back at the farm, Cordelia holds Misty in her arms trying to guide her out of her hell. Once the time is up, Misty disintegrates in her arms. Misty Day the sweetest and most undeserving of them all, stuck in hell forever. This is the saddest death of this entire season. Misty could have been back at the swamps, minding her own business, jamming to Stevie Nicks. She didn’t even want to be Supreme,  she just didn’t want to be alone anymore. So, so, sad.  3 contestants left.


American Horror Story Coven Zoe Impaled

The wonder of transmutation is being able to disappear from one spot and appear in another. The girls allow this disappearing and appearing to turn into a lovely game of tag, against the warnings of their judges. Once Zoe and Madison are outside zooming from one spot to the next in laughter, Zoe appears impaled on the spikes of the front gate. The show made it seem like a transmutation gone wrong. But i can’t help to secretly feel that Madison had something to do with Zoe ending up on top of that gate. When they disappeared all you could hear was their laughter, until they appeared again, I could definitely see Madison using her powers to get her up there. But no one said that it was foul play, so i digress. 2 contestants left.

Vitalum Vitalis

American Horror Story Coven Cordelia revives Zoe

Lucky for us, the next wonder is the power to revive breath into a dead being. Queenie goes for the challenge and fails to have the power to revive Zoe. If Queenie can’t perform the task, then she can’t be the supreme. 1 contestant left. But then what does that mean for Madison?  Is she automatically the supreme by process of elimination or does she have to finish the rest of the wonders? According to the judges, she would have to revive Zoe and continue the wonders. Which makes bitter, self-centered, Madison realize that there are no other witches to compete with her, so why not just not revive Zoe and win anyway? She kills a fly then revives it, to show them that she does have the power but is refusing to use it. Then she exclaims, before sashaying out: Crown me or Kiss My Ass.

Myrtle and Cordelia have a heart to heart on the status of the coven. They can’t refuse to allow another Fiona likeness be in charge of the Coven. Myrtle suggests Cordelia compete against Madison, since she is healthy and nothing says that she can’t. (Technically, she’s blind by choice since she took her own eyes out, so no defect there.) If we would have known this, Cordelia would have been supreme from episode 1, and this season would have never happened.

enter contestant: Cordelia 

Madison thinks its a sham to cheat her out of the supreme role. Who cares. Cordelia performs the first four wonders with no effort at all. Cordelia’s hell? Her mother hitting her and arguing over and over again, something similar to real life.


Let it burn? Done. In the beginning of the episode, Madison lights up the candles surrounding her bathtub and fireplace as she soaks in the tub. She had been practicing this one well.


This wonder consists of a cup of multi-colored pebbles spread out on a table. The contestant must locate the suggested possession of a previous supreme that is hidden somewhere in the house, by looking at the pebbles. Cordelia finds the object. Madison guesses her object is in the vase on the mantelpiece. FAIL! Then she guesses, inside of the box on the piano. FAIL! Good-bye Madison, You’re the weakest link! 1 contestant left. 

American Horror Story Coven Madisons choked

Just because she wouldn’t be who she is, Madison claims she’s going home and telling TMZ everything about the coven. While she is packing, dripping in tears (which i enjoyed), Kyle confronts her for not saving Zoe. She tries to use her acting skills to tell Kyle that she loves him and its the reason for her actions, but he lets her know, You’re not that good of an actress and chokes her to death. There is no remorse here. She already died and we all felt bad, now we know better.

American Horror Story Coven Spalding Doll
Spalding comes out, as soon as Madison is dead, and begins to caress her hair with one of his creepy doll hands. What a weirdo! Like the first time, he is eager to take Madison’s body to his attic for his dress up stuff and is happy that since she packed, no one would truly be looking for her, thinking that she has left.

Kyle is confused as to why this man has materialized in the room and is caressing her hair with the hand of a doll. LOL

Vitalum Vitalis

American Horror Story Coven Cordelia revives Zoe

As our judges said before, a supreme isn’t a supreme, unless she performs all seven wonders. Cordelia revives Zoe as her final wonder. Yey!!! Ladies and Gentleman, our supreme is Cordelia!!! As soon as she proclaimed supreme, Cordelia regains her eyes and her sight, looking more radiant then she and ever looked this season.

American Horror Story Coven Balenciaga

And they all lived happily ever after? No, a horror series would never leave you the satisfaction. Myrtle asks Cordelia to burn her at the stake for killing the counsel members. She claims she doesn’t want her to get in trouble for it in the future and she is ready to end her life. This is some real BS right here. There is no reason for Myrtle to ask to be burned at the stake, again. Cordelia doesn’t have any family anymore; Myrtle should have spent the rest of her days as a mother figure. This is clearly the script writers bringing on extra awe for this final episode. FYI Misty Day’s death was enough for us all. You could have spared Myrtle!

Myrtle wears a stunning red dress to her stake burning. At which time, Cordelia asks her for her last words and she screams: Balenciaga!!! Very fitting for the high fashion witch to scream a designers name as she’s burning.

American horror Story Coven Cordelia recruits

Cordelia’s first plan of action as supreme, is to recruit and  share the coven’s finishing school with all the girls that are witches. She broadcasts a live segment inviting girls interested, to contact her. This racks up a line wrapping around the neighborhood of girls, Cordelia suggests that they would be opening additional coven houses.

Before she opens her doors to them, she returns to the living  room to address Fiona who is sitting in the darkness smoking a cigarette. But didn’t Fiona die? We should have known better to think that she would go out with the axeman chopping her up. That was all part of a detailed scheme she set up with the axeman, while she went a way for a few days to throw the coven off her scent. The axeman came in last episode covered in goat blood pretending, on her orders, that he had killed her. She returned to find out her daughter was the supreme and couldn’t exactly complete her mission by killing her. Not that she could have even if she wanted to, Fiona’s cancer has left her looking like the crypt keepers twin.

American Horror Story Coven Fiona in the end

Cordelia does not give her any warm conversation or soft words, as she usually did, even when she was cross with her mother. But in the end, she tells her to just let go. They hug it out and Cordelia dies. R.I.P. to the baddest witch of them all.

American Horror story Coven Counsel

Cordelia returns to Zoe and Queenie her only companions left in this world. She makes them her counsel members and they accept a slew of girls dressed in black eager to be witches.

Fionas final resting place

Fiona is transported to a small cabin in the woods that reeks of fish. She apparently, lives there with the axeman, who wants to smother her with all the love she is not interested in. With him, she always wanted things to be done her way or not at all. As she asks for her daughter in the midst of his overbearing hug and confusion, Papa Legba can be seen laughing his face off. This is Fiona’s hell.

There were a few unnecessary deaths in the end. My only complaints are  Misty Day and Fiona’s deaths. They could have done better with giving them a more exceptional exit. I also could have done without burning Myrtle for the second time. It was a thrill ride this season, nonetheless.

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