Who is being deceived: Is it them or us – The Deceivers Part 2 Childhood’s End

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We are fifteen years in living in a Utopia like world and Karellen is back. There is  something brewing beneath the surface and I have to admit that the guesstimates thrown around go from mundane to extreme paranoia delirium. I’m really enjoying this show– It puts your mind to think and keeps a lot of secrets. To be honest, this recap will be more about throwing the episode at you with not much explanation. I know as much as you do, if not less, about what it all means. But that’s what I love, so much room for conversation on what’s going on.

Drives you just mad trying to figure it all.


There’s an earth quake, some alien light shining and something bad is a-coming. What that is, shows up in different forms in all our characters.

The Greggsons (Amy, Jake, and Tom) get hit bad in the luck department. Briefly featured at the end of the first episode, as they watched Karellen’s arrival, they are the center of this second part. Their son seemed to be psychologically taken over by something and Amy is mysteriously pregnant. There was some alien light probing involvement, which can only mean that this is going to turn ugly. That baby is not conceived naturally. Also, Jake has witnessed his wife tossing in her sleep saying they have to protect the children, as his son flings him with super human force when he approaches him. Neither remembers this, so Jake is alone in how he suddenly feels about something being wrong.

Stationed in Africa, Milo is not necessarily happy with his career  Not because he’s lost a love for being an astrophysicist, but because Karellen’s been diminishing the scientific development on earth. Milo is even left to pack up and go after his recent research mission is finished. He still is the brave little boy he’s always been, even approaching Dr. Boyce (Julian McMahon) and putting those issues out there in the air. Later, we find out that Boyce doesn’t trust Karellen and the invaders, he just wants to follow orders and keep them close. Just to be on top of everything that they are doing.

In a private convo he has with Milo, after Milo threatens to speak with Karellen, Dr. Boyce warns him not to call attention to anything that will give away that they notice inconsistencies. Also, he tells him that  Karellen’s been shooting up animals from Earth up into space, leaving humans as the only ones they haven’t sampled. Seems like Karellen has his own little Noah’s ark thing going.

Peretta has grown into a woman and has held on to her beliefs and religion. She is now a counselor and is called in to the Greggson’s house to see Tommy. The young boy that hasn’t been the same since the night encounter, speaks to her in privately and tells her about a hell like place that he has visited. He describes something straight out of the apocalypse. Suddenly, Tommy can’t concentrate on what she’s saying because of the sounds of a baby crying. He runs to his parents who think Peretta did something to him. They are all going back and forth yelling and Tommy’s  covering his ears. Peretta starts to choke because Tommy uses his super powers (I’m assuming) to pull the crucifix off of her neck. The crucifix breaks off and falls to the floor.  The crying stops and Tommy says the baby is okay. This scares the crap out of everyone. Peretta was out faster then the speed of light. Peretta later has an encounter with the alien light and pulls out her crucifix. the light shines on her for a while then disappears. Is this a sign that her religious views are working for her?   Jake’s concerns for his wife, unborn child, and Tommy, are heightened by the sudden invitation to Africa for a mystery job opportunity four months later. While there they will be attending a party hosted by Dr. Boyce. This party taking place in Milo’s old Job and Karellen will be attending. Although, I don’t think Karellen is much of a party animal. During an earthquake, an entire room is constructed at the facility from nothing. At the center of the room is a glass Ouija-board-looking stand. Actually, the Greggson’s are being invited on Karellen’s orders in connection to the board. Not that they know that. 

Although Milo no longer works there, he is invited by Rachel Osaka, to be her date. Karellen and Dr. Boyce announce their developments with sending the animal collection into space. Milo doesn’t hold his mouth although he is so excited to meet Karellen for the first time. Milo mentions the decrease in scientific exploration and Karellen feels that any more research would be redundant. After an awkward discussion between the two, Karellen takes to the floor to walk among guests. His eye clearly concentrated on Amy.

Tommy gets a tour from one of Karellen’s minions, who implies that there is something to happen that is important, as he leads his son into one of the animal collection rooms. At the same time, Boyce lures Amy into the secret room with the Ouija board for a private meeting with Karellen. Amy touches the center of the board and a beaming light shoots out into the sky and out to space. In some type of a trance, Amy begins to move a metal piece around the board shooting up beams of light into the sky. Karellen is talking her through this. Not necessarily guiding her, but supportive talking. When Boyce interrupts the convo, Karellen lets him know that he is not even talking to Amy. He’s most likely talking Jennifer.

Karellen says that Jennifer is awake. Tommy runs out to the top of the roof, with his father running around looking for him. Tommy extends his hand into the sky, says Jennifer is awake,  and throws himself off the roof. His father almost has a heart attack but is relieved to find Tommy floating inches from the ground.

I’m going to halt right here and explain everything that’s happening to right now.


No one has a clueeeeee. I live tweeted this episode and we were all just dying to know what’s going on. I actually like that this mini-series shows you all the action and yet hides the motives. I think it’s a great tool for opening discussion and not boring us to death in the process. But we don’t know who is being deceived here. Is it the humans on the show…or is it us? Cause I’m ready to point a finger at everybody LOL

The Greggsons leave promptly afterward, confused and distressed. Milo paid attention to the shots of light exiting the building on account of Amy’s light work from the Ouija board thing, and managed to put together a constellation. He pinned this coordinates down with Rachel’s lipstick. The Ouija board seems to be a communication device that was used to contact the overlords.

Ricky is at the back burner of this episode and is also someone that has been a little unlucky although they are living in a “utopia.” Ricky and Ellie married and have been unable to have children for years. The burden of this has strained them both significantly. To make matters worse, Ricky has come down with an illness that is believed to have developed through his visits to Karellen’s pod ship.

Karellen comes to visit Ricky for the first time in person and their meeting looks like something out of a romance novel. Ricky is incredibly upset because he has been rejected for so long and Karellen actually looks sorry through those yellow eyes of his. he gives Ricky the same device that looks like a pen for the illness that is killing him. Ellie interrupts their meeting, Karellen apologizes for not introducing himself to her earlier. Ellie and Karellen look like the wife and the other woman in this scene, equally awkward.

Soon after, Peretta storms in. She had come to Missouri after her scare with Tommy, since the news had reported that the alien activity had picked up on Ricky Stormgren’s property. The media had been camping out outside their home in hopes of getting a glimpse of Karellen should he decide to visit his ambassador. Parette camped out along side of them and meets and befriends Ellie.

Peretta tells Karellen to tell everyone the truth. She was looking for a confession of mal intent. Karellen admits he’s the reason that Ricky and Ellie have been unable to conceive. He is protecting Ricky from whats to come. Based on all the preparation that Karellen has been doing, there must be something bad coming their way and he thought preventing Ricky from having a child would spare him. I really do that Karellen cares for Ricky, regardless of what the invaders motives are.

Ellie points a gun at Karellen in desperation, but Paretta ultimately is the one who takes it and shoots Karellen. During labored breaths, Karellen points out that he chose Ricky out of everyone. He singled out him out of anyone in the world. As I mentioned, I think Karellen cares for Ricky alot. But, what really stands out in this scene is that this 10 foot-winged-hooved creature knew Paretta was going to shoot him and he did nothing to defend himself. There is something benevolent about him that I can’t understand. Although I feel there is something coming that is crazy. Ricky sees this care, which is mutual, and uses the pen that was supposed to be for his illness on Karellen and he is revived. Paretta pours out her unresolved issues to Karellen about her mother and her beliefs in GOD. Karellen makes things clear with two statements: 1) Whether he lives or dies what ever is going to happen is happening anyway 2) The poetry of religion and faith is beautiful but has no place in what is going on the world present day.

Peretta ends up committing suicide after seeing her mom in the same way Ricky saw Annabelle. This is the type of stuff that has me screwed up. Maybe Karellen figured he could show he’s good by not hurting Paretta infront of the others, because he knew he would corrupt her mind later with her mothers vision.

I’m so confused. Don’t know what to believe anymore.

Meanwhile, Amy goes into labor and gives birth to Jennifer. The cutest newborn girl ever.
Even though her eyes were glowing.


Things to think about

Yeah. Jennifer’s not going to be your average kid. What do you think is going to happen now that Jennifer is here?

Any thoughts on Karellen and his goals for Ricky and the world?

What in the F is going on???

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