When catching the Snow Queen doesn’t feel like a victory; Once Upon a Time ep 7 Snow Queen

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We finally get a view at the Snow Queen’s past. Are you ready to feel remorse for someone you were so eager to condemn earlier? I hate it when they set us up like that. I want to hate the bad guy all the way. I hate having to have feelings for them. But Once Upon a Time, always brings us back to center, when we realize the unfortunate events that changed a person.



Emma and Elsa have the candle and are practicing the magic that will put an end to the Snow Queen. Emma is able to blow the candle into a long fire lasso, and then they suddenly decide to try again the next day. Why are they giving up so early? Emma says she has to babysit her baby brother for her parents. She goes to pick up the young prince at a young mothers support group headed by Cinderella. Snow White has been sharing tips and supporting each other, kind of like a mommy blogger forum, only in person. You would think this is a good thing. But Emma is a little offended that Snow White is being referred to as a first time mother. And of course, Snow White interjects that she isn’t a first time mother and her first is important to her. But Emma is now carrying around her brothers baby bottle, and the milk inside is boiling. She quickly puts the bottle down and extends her hands to hold the baby. Snow White looks from her sleeping son to the hands that just made a baby bottle boil. Obviously, Snow White is now hesitant in handing over the baby directly into Emma’s hands.

Luckily, David calls Emma and lets her know that the Snow Queen has entered the library and has not come down. Emma cancels her babysitting session, not without sending a little shade in her moms direction for treating her like she’s disease ridden.


Regina is looking into ways of bringing Marian back. Robin comes for a visit and she tells him off. He needs to concentrate on the love he once had for Marian and put her in his past.

Henry shows up all dressed up for operation mongoose. It’s his first day working for Mr. Gold. Before he’s out the door, he questions her about Robin Hood. Regina is super positive and looking forward to meeting her true love in the future. Let’s hope she can keep that attitude up. Unfortunately, at Mr. Gold’s Henry will only be cleaning up things with wood polish. But thats just the task he needs to rummage through the collection at the pawn shop and find a clue on who wrote the story book.

Robin is swimming in depression, when his merry thief reunites with him at Granny’s. They discuss their differences and then they discuss love. Robin’s reputation all started because of Marian. She taught him he principles that would change him from a thief for himself to one that steals from the rich to give to the poor. He stole a horse from her poor family and she threatened his life. The next day he brought her family two horses. And this is what he’s holding on to, in order to remember, his love for Marian. To make true love’s kiss work. But his loyal thief explains, that he had ruined his life for true love and in the end, it was all worth it, even with the losses.

Robin pulls up the courage and shows up at Regina’s. He was not going to live up to his morals today. He kissed her passionately. Guess, true love’s kiss won’t be the defining factor that awakens Marian.


Emma comes in like a flash up the stairs of the library, looking for the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen is posted in front of her enchanted mirror and lazily throws a ice dagger at Emma. Emma takes out the candle she had been practicing with earlier and creates a fire lasso that wraps itself around the queens wrists and creates a pair of cuffs. Too, too easy. How is it possible that the Snow Queen is so easily caught? She barely put up a fight. SUPER SUSPICIOUS!

Back at the Sherriff’s office, Elsa and Emma have the Snow Queen sitting in interogation. She is as smug as ever, hinting only that they will both see the truth of her words. That Anna had forced Elsa into the urn and she should abandon her efforts in finding her sister. This causes Elsa to have a mini breakdown and Emma scoots her out to meet with Hook, Belle, and the rest who are taking apart the mirror. But I can’t blame the girl, The Snow Queen is infuriating. She wants to protect Elsa and Emma, so they can replace the sisters that she once had. Only, she feels these are her real sisters because they share a power and a stigma.

Hook, Belle, etc.

As Hook stares at himself in the mirror, Belle comes rushing in with warnings of evil from the mirror.  But they had all taken turns in it, and no one had seen anything other then their own faces.

“I think I’m more devilishly handsome then usual.” – Hook, of course.

Belle realizes that the mirror is a fake. For what reason would the Snow Queen go through the trouble of putting up a fake mirror? To purposely get caught! Let Belle and the others spend all day trying to figure out the mirror, while the Snow Queen has Emma to herself.

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

The Snow Queen freezes the front doors of the Sheriff’s office, as she sits in front of Emma, patiently. She tries to convince Emma that her parents and family fear her powers and see her as different, and therefore, can’t truly love her. She formulates scenarios where Emma would have felt feared and alone. In Emma’s families defense, the only time that ever happened was 5 minutes ago when she went to pick up her brother and accidentally boiled his milk with her hand. The questioning and prodding causes Emma’s anger to erupt, and as the water in the glass on the table begins to boil, the side of the building suddenly explodes open.

On Emma’s hands are the remains of ice and the Snow Queen congratulates Emma on discovering her true power, before exiting into a breeze of snow flakes.

How? Elsa is related to the Snow Queen, this is how they share the same powers. How does Emma fit into all this?

Emma’s powers are out of control and in front of that hole, her parents and the others come to help her. But she warns them to stay away. The electricity goes crazy and a light almost falls on David. Snow White looks at her daughter as if she did it on purpose and Emma runs off.

Everything is going as planned. The Snow Queen watches full of happiness in the distance. Emma goes into hiding in her car. She is now seeing all of these negative qualities in the family that she wanted so much, all of her life. Elsa explains to Emma’s parents from her experience what Emma must be feeling. When the others can’t find Emma, her parents are ridden with guilt for being the real problem.

I can’t see Emma turning against her family, even if she feels that they have abandoned her. But there is always that slither of possibility. Will she cross over to the Snow Queen’s side?


Because Ingrid fears she will have to be a hermit for the rest of her life,  her sister suggests they seek the magic of someone she has heard of. How many people know Rumpelstiltskin? And how is it possible that he has his hand in every single issue, ever! Well, the girls seek out Rumpel in Misthaven. In exchange for a solution to their ice power problem, he requests their 3 ribbons. There is always an underhanded trick behind what he desires. Rumpel gives them the urn and a pair of gloves.

Back home, the Duke finds Ingrid, sitting outside and tries to have his way with her. With her Ice magic, she pushes him back. He begins to squeak like a duck with its tail feathers on fire. How he is going to expose Ingrid and her power etc. etc. AKA Frozen. In which case, the same person does the same thing to Elsa. Lucky for Ingrid, her sister arrives. In an attempt to save his own hide, the Duke claims that Ingrid tried to kiss him and when he rejected her, she used her magic on him. Her sister did not believe him for one second.

He threatens to expose Ingrid to Arendelle and when Ingrid tries to counter him, she accidentally freezes her sister. Who promptly becomes a solid ice figure of herself, and then crumbles into pieces. As Ingrid is crying her eyes out, her other sister finds her crumbled sister on the floor, and the Ingrid at her side. She addresses Ingrid with fear and refuses to comfort her in her pain. She takes the urn instead. Ingrid turns into water and is lured into the urn. This last sister is Elsa’s mother. This is the cruelty that Ingrid dealt with that caused her to turn her back on mankind and look for other magical beings to call family.

Elsa’s mother goes to see the Rock trolls and asks for a memory potion for Arendelle. She wants to erase the memory of her sisters from the town. Maybe this is why she was blessed with a daughter who suffered from the same magical state.

But now we must ask ourselves, what Elsa’s mother’s purpose was in going out to Misthaven before her demise. Was she seeking a way to help her daughter or was she truly trying to rid herself of someone she considered a monster?

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

The Snow Queen appears at Mr. Gold’s shop to finally strike a deal. In exchange for the ribbons that once belonged to Ingrid and her sisters, she will tell Mr. Gold the secret that will allow him to free himself of the dagger. Also, if he will allow her to have all of Storybrooke, she will give him the world. Which really means that he can travel outside of Storybrooke with all of his powers.

You can only wonder where Henry is during this conversation and if he heard any of it.

What do you think are the Snow Queen’s plans? What do you think Emma will do, now that she feels alone? Any premonitions?

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