What happens when Winter is HERE? Game of Thrones: Hardhome Season 5 Episode 8

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Leave it to GOT to spend the entire season story building, before finally dropping a few loads of anxiety on us at the very end


Arya has enrolled in an advanced drama class in which she creates detailed bios of the characters she will portray; only Jaqar is her coach. Unfortunately, when she fails, he hits her hard with a spoon.

No, but really, training to become a man with no face has transitioned her to a stage, where she goes into town pretending to be a completely different person.

Her task is to convince those around her that she is this oyster selling maiden. But she also needs to observe those around her to gain information. These expeditions are slightly guided by Jaqar, who requests that she end up at the other end of the market the next time she is there. The prime target is a gambler that makes bets with captains for their lives. If the captains should die on their excursions, they win, and their family inherits the money, and if they return alive, the gambler wins.

The only problem is that if the captain should die, who would be there to ensure that the family gets their earnings? The god of many faces, of course.  Jaqar’s many faced people seem to be the delvers of justice to some extent. Arya will have to thoroughly investigate everything there is to know about this gambler and bring back the info to Jaqar. Eventually, there’s a vile of liquid she will have to use on the man, as well.  The skeptical short-haired girl she has been working with, sneakily mentions to Jaqar that Arya is not ready.

Even if she is not, I am. I’m tired of watching her wash corpses!!! So on with it!

I’m hoping that if she is successful, she will soon learn to change her face at will and finally finish her mission to become one of the many faced people.



It’s so strangely satisfying to watch Cersei sit in her dirty cell, with matted hair and filthy garments. This show is making me a weirdo that enjoys watching karma reap its vengeance.  The female nun-looking member of the faith militant pays Cersei visits offering water from a wooden spoon, IF she confesses to fornication, incest, blah, blah, blah. Cersei is being tortured with extreme thirst but manages to get a few licks from the dirty floor, when the woman dumps the water on the ground, after not receiving a confession.

Cersei also receives a visit from her faithful scientist Qyburn, and he comes bearing news from the Red Keep. Tommen is in full weak mode. He’s locked himself up in his room refusing to see anyone, mourning his mother and wife’s imprisonment. Uncle Kevan has returned from Casterly Rock to take his place as Hand of the King. If you remember, Uncle Kevan isn’t too fond of Cersei when he leaves Kings Landing, because he doesn’t agree with her political decisions. Now, He refuses to visit his niece.

And Cersei just wouldn’t be herself if she hadn’t asked for the whereabouts of her brother and lover, Jaime. But no one in Kings Landing has heard from Jaime since he left for Dorne.

The mighty Lannister lioness is alone!! Completely alone with no backing or support from anyone. Qyburn suggests that she take her only option of freedom and confess. But she refuses, and maybe for the best, being that the consequences of admitting to her sins may outweigh the effects of waiting for someone to rescue her.


Sansa awaits the return of treacherous Theon to her quarters. After finding out he revealed to Ramsay her attempt to reach out to the old lady who told her that the North had her support, she has been dying to approach the man that she already loathed. Why can’t she see that Theon is no longer who he was? He is now Reek, a being that has been tortured into a completely different person. Maybe that’s because she doesn’t realize how far Ramsay goes with torture. You would think the skinned body of an elderly woman would have awakened her senses.

Sansa yells at Theon and tells him that if she could have personally performed all the tortures that he received from Ramsay, that she would gladly take the task. Reek admits to deserving any punishments because he murdered the boys and torched their bodies. Sansa wants him to say their names because she thinks he is talking of Rickon and Bran, and Reek accidentally admits that the boys were the poor farm boys.

Hopefully, Sansa can put all that rage behind her, not that she realizes that at the very least, three of her brothers are alive. Now I’m just worried about Reek doesn’t go blabbing back to Ramsay out of guilt. Just this once, please!

When is someone going to help Sansa escape? Ramsay is a mess and walking on eggshells, is not enough to keep her from sick, sadistic, wrath.


Tyrion and Jorah, find themselves at the mercy of the mighty Khaleesi, as she decides what she is going to do with the enemy Lannister and the man who spied on her. Tyrion pleads a good case for himself by proving that he holds the same hatred for his family, as he killed his father, and his sister is trying to put him to death. His experience as Hand of the King and just as a member of the King’s court is a successful resume of qualifications for the part of advisor.

However, Tyrion doesn’t plead with Daenerys for Jorah to also be a member of her counsel. He advises her to send him away. Tyrion’s mercy lies in his request not to put him to death, and he provides a list of reasons that would make her look bad as a queen if she does. Killing her supporters will cause her to lose her follower’s loyalty. Daenerys agrees to have Jorah removed from the city.

Jorah doesn’t leave Mereen as he was directed. He returns to the slavemaster from the pits. The slavemaster is confused as to why a man who was freed is willing to return, but he explains that his only desire is to fight for Daenerys. He wishes to compete at the pits in her honor. I could have sworn he already did that, but I guess he might as well since he’s destined to lose his mind when he becomes a stone man. By then, he won’t be much use to her anymore.

Which is why Tyrion made a great decision in suggesting that Jorah is sent far from Mereen, although he has no clue that the stone people touched Jorah. When Jorah finally turns to his final form, there is no telling who would get hurt.

Jon Snow

Last, but so not least, Snow arrives at the wildling settlement. This is not a smooth visit. The Lord Commander of the Night’s watch has always been the supreme enemy of the Wildlings, and Snow is no exception.

Tormund vouches for Snow, and they both beg the free folk to join forces to protect themselves from the long winter. The Wildlings agree that they do not trust Jon Snow, but they have faith in what Tormund is saying and will go ahead with the plan. As expected,  there always have to be a few with a different set of mind.

Tormund had to beat the Lord of Bones to a pulp, after insulting his partnership with Snow. One of the Thenns claims that the Crows (AKA people that live under the wall) will slaughter the Wildlings as soon as they board the ships. You can’t convince everyone, right?

WRONG. The Thenn and the Wildlings that take after the Lord of bones, don’t get a chance to tell their regrets.

As Snow and the wildlings pile up into small row boats on their way to the ships that are docked ahead, a rumbling noise comes from the mountains above the settlement. The wooden doors of the settlement are closed to the sound of the screams of the wildlings behind the wall. Then there is silence. And the walls begin to shake with the clawing and growling of the zombies, that were once human.

Snow returns with Tormund, the Thenn, and a few others, to fight, while the remaining Wildlings rush to squeeze themselves onto the small boats that will take them to the ships offshore. This is a full on war. The wildlings and the white walkers have it out with just about every weapon imaginable.

The white walker that was mounted on a horse, when Sam saw him for the first time a few seasons ago, targets Snow. Dressed in a combat outfit, he nearly takes Snow out with his large ice dagger, but without any dragon glass around, Snow ends up using LongClaw against him. Crossing his fingers and hoping he can at least stall him,  Snow swings Long Claw and manages to cause the white walker to explode into a burst of ice confetti.

Snow has now discovered that Long Claw, made of Valaryian Steel, is capable of destroying walkers as effectively as dragon glass. But before we think that we are closer to winning the battle against the white walkers, let me update you on how this episode stamps out the little bit of hope that we had.

When it seems like the fight is going nowhere, after all, they are fighting the undead; Snow retreats into the last rowboat with his few men. The Wildling-friendly giant walks into the water ahead of them, flinging around the white walkers that try to cling to his back with much ease.

A new swarm of zombies begins to throw themselves from the mountains and onto the battlefield. And the Knight’s King, the crowned white walker, who had witnessed Snow eliminate one of his top lieutenants, stares intently at Snow as he descends from the mountaintop.


Just as soon and the others pull off from the shore, the Knight’s king walks onto the deck and raises his arms while staring at Snow. I nearly fainted. I thought he had control of the seas and I was about to witness Snow being swallowed by the waters around him. But instead, I saw that the Wildlings and Night’s Watchmen that had been slaughtered, all began to rise.

The most epic aerial view showed Snow’s small boat just a few feet from shore, as the army of white walkers assembled, taking up the entire settlement.

The Seven Kingdoms have one hell of a fight ahead because Winter is most definitely here.

What did you think about the white walker fight?

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