What are the consequences to their decisions? Game of Thrones Season 5 Epsiode 9 Dance of Dragons

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Although last night’s Daernerys Targaryen and Drogon scene were the most anticipated, and without a doubt, the most thrilling piece of work this end of the season, I have to admit that the other developments did not pale in comparison. Stannis dealt us a chilling change of events leading to the death of an innocent and Arya did not let us down either. This time around, you won’t be disappointed in anything that happened in episode 9 of Game of Thrones  Dance of The Dragons.

Stannis Baratheon

The man has no luck what so ever. If you thought the freezing cold and inability to move ahead towards Winterfell were Stannis’ only problems, now a group of men from the Bolton’s was able to move in on his camp in the middle of the night and set fire to a few of their tents and food storage. This complication has added a massive loss of lives and supplies, to his already dwindling war inventory.

Melisandre had some insight just a few minutes before the fires spread, but she was a little too late to warn anyone or do anything useful about it. That God of Light works in your favor when he feels like it, it seems! Stannis is now seeing everything around him collapsing, as Davos warns him to seek a new plan before they all die out in the cold. What does this mean? It means that Stannis has to truly consider the importance of being a king versus being a father. He knows the red witch’s power and how it unfolds, but would he truly be willing to sacrifice his only daughter to get a hold of the Iron Throne?

Stannis sends Davos back to Castle Black for reinforcements. Davos, who has become very close to princess Shireen, gives her a mini wooden stag,  which she promptly requests a mate for. Sadly, Stannis’ next move involves explaining to his daughter that sometimes men must do what they HATE, in order to accomplish great success. Shireen doesn’t know her father’s true intentions but gladly proclaims that she will take on the responsibilities of being a princess and a Baratheon.

She never knew that helping her father would lead her to a wooden stake, and when the men begin to tie her up, in the background of Melisandre’s chants to the God of light, Shireen begins to scream for her parents. I can’t even find the words to describe the power and the pain involved in this scene. Shireen calls out to her parents, who stand stern face before her, and make no attempt to help her. Could you even imagine? I would have died before the witch would have ever struck a match to the wood beneath me! My own parents allowing me to be burned at the stake? Absolutely horrifying!

There is no surprise in Selyse Baratheon’s actions because she has never been supportive of her daughter in any form. Selyse has given herself completely to a religion that has made her look at her daughter like an unwanted object. Not because the God of Light is even about that, she’s just a fanatic. Shireen has been a representation of weakness to Selyse due to the scaled scar on her face. Not once has that blasted woman ever been a mother. But after hearing her child cry out a few times, something breaks in Selyse, and she realizes that the little girl tied up to the stake is her daughter. Selyse tries to save Shireen and she can’t because Stannis’ men hold her back.

Melisandre sets the wood beneath Shireen on fire, and soon her cries for help, turn into screams of agony. Stannis never removes his sight from his daughter and the pain in his eyes show how that fire must have reached inside his soul. Supposedly this sacrifice will improve their chances of reaching Winterfell and defeating the enemy, but what will be the lasting effects of this act on Stannis’ life? How will he be able to live his days, even if he ever becomes king, knowing that he took his daughter’s life in an act of ambition?

Wait till Davos finds out!!! I worry about the state of Stannis’ mind at the end of all this. Plus, Melisandre is to blame for the loss. It will be interesting to see how the consequences of this pan out.


The progress in becoming a man with no face has been so slow for Arya. This episode we have a new disruption, that I am more then sure, will impede Arya drastically. Arya went to the market as Lana and she was focused on achieving her task of collecting information and seizing the opportunity to sell a few oysters to the thin gambler. FOCUSED! You hear me! FOCUSED! She even took out the poison to put into the oysters and complete her assassination, but a boat coming in from Westeros caught her eye.

Lord Tyrell arrived to speak with the iron bank in Braavos, alongside a group of the king’s men. This group included Meryn Trant, who is a member of Arya’s list of people to kill. Arya ignores her target, who was actually begging her for some oysters, the perfect opportunity to assassinate him.

Instead, Arya follows the knights, that eventually ditched  Lord Tyrell, on their way to a brothel. Meryn looks through the brothels selection of women for a girl young enough for his palette. We discover that Trant likes girls and not women. There is even a little scare when the knights bring Arya into their room to sell some of her oysters because based on Trant’s look, she is just about the age range he is looking for.

Arya returns to Jaqen and lies that the gambler was not hungry and she was unable to sell any oysters to him. Jaqen plays along, but I think by this time, we all know that he knows everything that is really happening. The question is how this will effect Arya.  I don’t think that her tests to be a man with no face will go too well since she abandoned a mission for her own personal purposes.

Jamie Lannister

Prince Doran heads a meeting with Jamie, his daughter/niece, Tristan, and Ellaria. Thankfully, Jaime is quite honest about the reason that he snuck into Dorne to take away his niece. He tells Doran all about the snake they received with Marcella’s necklace wrapped around the mouth. Somehow everyone looked side-eyed at Ellaria.

Doran decides that Jamie should take his niece back with him to Westeros. However, he must also take Tristan, since he is her betrothed. Also, Tristan should be taking his place on the council as his uncle Oberyn did before he passed away.

Ellaria is not happy with the mutual respect and contract of agreement that Prince Doran has made with the Lannisters. She is outwardly obvious about her hate for the people that are responsible for the death of her love. These type of actions make Prince Doran seem small and weak in his own monarchy.

Later, in a private meeting, before Oberyn’s three imprisoned daughters, Prince Doran makes Ellaria swear fealty to him or forfeit her life. With tears in her eyes, she kisses his hand. But I think it’s clear that Ellaria has no intentions of abandoning her mission to make the Lannisters suffer for Oberyn’s death. She pays Jamie a visit and confesses that her hatred does not lie with Marcella or with Jamie, because they have nothing to do with what happened.

I think this was just a big sign indicating that she is going for Cersei directly. Unfortunately, no one in Dorne is aware that Cersei is stuck in a dirty cell with no water. I just can’t imagine how Ellaria hopes to take on the Lannisters now. Could there be a future assassination of Prince Doran? Although he is family, it’s possible that his death could be the last resort. Will the Sand sisters make a trip to Westeros?

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys attends the final tournament of the fighting pits, a huge celebration of sorts, beside her betrothed. On the other side, her new council, Tyrion, sits and watches as the men fight gruesomely to their death. When Jorah takes to the stage, he declares in Vallaryian that he is fighting for his queen. No surprise there.

Daenerys watches in shock as he fights against warriors that are quicker and more experienced. Although she almost tried to kill him herself, Daenerys is worried about Jorah dying during the tournament. She does have some care for the man that advised her for so long when she knew nothing about being a queen.

Jorah wins the fight. Barely.  And then, for a split second, you begin to think that Jorah has lost his mind. Which could be possible, since he is destined to become a stone man. Jorah picks up a spear and throws it in Dany’s direction. It misses her head by an inch and gets lodged in the chest of a Harpy. Jorah is not close to losing it yet, he is still dedicated to his Queen.

The entire stadium is covered in Harpys. They all attack, sparing no one: women, men, Unsullied, everyone was getting a knife to the throat or chest. Dany’s bodyguards, including Daario, look for an escape route and find that they are trapped within the Coliseum. Dany’s betrothed is killed before he could help her escape. She has no choice but to take Jorah’s hand for protection.  Retreating to the middle of the field, Dany and Missandei look around as they are surrounded by an entire stadium of Harpys. Their only help is the few Unsullied that survived, Daario, Jorah, and Tyrion.

It really looked like the end. I couldn’t figure out how they could save themselves from so many enemies. Dany closed her eyes and held Missandei’s hand, resigning herself to the death that she was sure was coming. She forgot she’s the mother of dragons. Drogon flys into the stadium from the skies, knowing that his mother was in trouble.

Drogon sets fire to about half the harpies that were surrounding Dany. When Dany goes to pet her rogue child, he lets out a threatening scream, just to make you doubt him a little, but then he lets her caress his head. Dany climbs on his spiny back and Drogon flies into the sky with his mother on his back. The Harpys below were disappointed and probably happy that they were not one of the ones that were taken out by one of Drogon’s mighty fireballs.

Even Jorah, Daario, and Tyrion watch in awe as Daenerys soars before their eyes on the back of a dragon. Well, mostly Tyrion who has never seen anything like it before. Jorah had actually seen Dany walk out of a fire carrying three baby dragons, so this was nothing unusual.

I think that we may have taken Daario’s words a few episodes ago, for granted. Daario was right. The mother of dragons is feared because of her dragons, so how could she not use them in her attempts to gain control. Not only in Westeros, but her current unruly ex-slave cities. She’s going to have to use them to her advantage to get rid of that pesky harpy problem she has.

Where are Drogon and Dany off to now?

I do have one concern that may have slipped through the cracks for most viewers who watched the episode. Dany took Jorah’s hand for help. Does this mean that Dany is at risk of becoming one of those stone people? As soon as he held out his hand to her, all I could think was, how could he try to save her knowing that he has this contagious condition and willingly offered her his hand?  Like, could he help her without touching her?


Time to talk about this. Next week is the season finale.

My question to you is: Consequences. We do you think will be the consequences of the actions in this episode? Any thoughts or premonitions? next week is the Season Finale!!

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