Westworld Season 2 Episode 7 Les Écorchés Explained

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Bernard is laying down at Westworld headquarters and is woken up by Stubbs hushed voice. He warns Bernard that he’s figured out that Strand is not in Westworld for a rescue mission. As the head of security, that usually sided with Delos Corp authority, Stubbs suspicions must mean that there’s something really corrupt that has him scared of Delos, and he’s an employee!

Ashley Stubbs Westworld Season 2 Episode 7
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

But let’s back up for a minute. How in the hell did Bernard end up in the Westworld host area when we last saw him with Elsie in the cradle? Seems like another time distortion but we can’t be entirely sure for now.

Back to Stubbs, he believes that the real goal is to get Delos corp’s precious cargo, Abernathy, out of the park. He also thinks that Strand will make sure anyone who knows about Abernathy and the information in his head, disappears. So Bernard and Stubbs must make a call for help to escape the park.

Strand shows up guns up and out, directed at Stubbs. Before I can figure that he’s in on their escape plan, he tells them they are going for a walk to a base somewhere within the park. Whatever information Strand has discovered has him thinking that Stubbs or Bernard is hiding Abernathy for personal gain and are trying to sell the file embedded in Abernathy to the highest bidder. He has them all wrong, not because they’re not smart enough to pull off a betrayal like that, but because they don’t care enough to have planned that. They just want to do their jobs and have everything go back to normal.

It seems that Strand found the blood stains on the wall left from Theresa’s murder and discovered it was her DNA. This has furthered his idea that one of the two had probably started a plan, months in advance, to grab the Abernathy info and sell it on the black market. However, neither of them knew about Abernathy’s importance until recently.

Charlotte is waiting for them at the location that Theresa was murdered. Strand and Charlotte admit that after initially hearing of Theresa’s death they had suspected foul play. They think it’s all connected because Abernathy is a huge asset to Delos corp, but Theresa’s death, Abernathy being lost, and Stubbs and Bernard’s apparent lack of knowledge are really separate circumstances. Theresa was an obstacle for Bernard and Ford for other reasons not related to Abernathy’s file and that’s whys he was killed. Strand thinks it’s Stubbs who murdered Theresa because he can’t see Bernard as a killer. The jokes on him cause with the right programming Bernard can do all your dirty work!

Bernard starts having flashbacks of the day Theresa died and asks them to stop harassing Stubbs. This sudden panic attack brings all the suspicion on Bernard who now looks like he knows more then he is saying. They suddenly realize that the wall with Theresa’s DNA is actually hiding a door that leads to a secret room. They open the door to discover a room filled with Bernards. All of the Bernard backups have been stored in this room by Ford.

The secret is now out that Bernard, Robert Ford’s right-hand man and head of host development, is a host living among humans. Since they want the truth and Bernard is a host that still answers to programming, they put him under analysis. Charlotte forces him to remember what happened with Dolores and he won’t admit anything even under analysis. Could this be super programming on Ford’s behalf that prevents Bernard from providing specific information or is this another riddle of the sphinx? Why can’t Bernard explain what went on with Dolores even under analysis?

Delores’s War 

Dolores has arrived at Westworld headquarters with her small army. Delos corp is trying to reboot the system and the main map, and they send a small separate team to squash the host threat. The Delos corp team comes out shooting from the elevator and find a pile of naked people who are actually their response team. The hosts have changed clothes with them and are wearing black outfights, automatic weapons, and vests. You can’t tell a host from a Delos corp employee! Dolores’s strategy is amazing!

Some of Dolores’s hosts are headed toward the cradle which houses their backups.

Possible Double Bernard Explanation: now that we know that Ford created a significant amount of Bernard’s know that he had the power to release more than one Bernard out in Westworld at a time. When Charlotte was trying to get Bernard to answer to analysis prompts she couldn’t get a response because that version of Bernard was not the one that had experienced the information she was asking for. If there are indeed more then one Bernard, I have no idea how these two have never bumped into each other. However, there’s always the possibility that Bernard is not responding because he is just lying.

West World Explained:

The Bernard in the Cradle is with Ford who is explaining Westworld in a digital space of the cradle that resembles Sweetwater. To be more clear, this is backed up information on everything they have put out into Westworld so it looks just like the place visually. Ford claims that Delos Senior would not have invested in Westworld only to create a host body for himself and stay alive forever. Which is probably why he had to have multiple conversations with Logan and William before he bought into the park. There had to be additional financial gains for him to be interested. Ford then asks if Bernard understands what the park is, implying that it’s functionality is not what it seems.

Bernard and Ford Westworld Season 2 Episode 7

Westworld is an experiment, a testing chamber. The guests are the variables, and the hosts are the controls. Westworld allows for Delos corp to see the real character of people through experiences because there are no consequences. In Westworld, people don’t have to put up pretenses, they can just be themselves. It enables Delos corp to understand what drives humans so that the company can copy them.

Ford claims that the data on the human condition has been saved to better create hosts in the image of humans. Ultimately, this information is stored in Abernathy’s massive file. Delos corp was never there to code hosts for a park attraction, they were there to decode the guests. Delos corp also tried to transfer a person into a host body (Delos senior), but their project hasn’t been successful yet. Ford discovered that existing in the cradle would help him survive. Had he been in the outer world, he would have deteriorated like Delos Senior.

So why is Ford still trying to exist when he should be resting in peace? ( forgive the pun.) He is sticking around to be Bernard’s fighting chance. And although Bernard thinks there is no escape from Westworld, Ford emphasizes that there is. Oh, and Robert has a dog in cradle Sweetwater.

Maeve and The Man in Black’s game

Maeve’s daughter was programmed to believe another woman is her mom and without her, she’s scared. Without telling her that she was her original mother, Maeve swears she will protect her and promises her they won’t take her away. They are hiding in a house, and Maeve has a flashback of The Man in Black (TMIB) stabbing her while she was in hiding in a house from the ghost nation and then TMIB shoots her kid.

TMIB does come into the house, for real. Almost immediately after her flashback. The only thing is that TMIB doesn’t have the same motive. I believe those flashbacks were from when he was out in Westworld killing for pleasure. TMIB’s primary concern now is Ford’s game.

TMIB sees Maeve and figures that she is a reoccurrence of a past narrative and she is there as a lesson for his past mistakes. He thinks that the same flashback that Maeve remembered is the reason why Ford placed Maeve and the girl in this house. But Maeve advises him that no human is speaking through her, and when he still can’t see her for a free host without any connection to Ford, Maeve shoots him in the arms twice. He stumbles out of the house to escape. Maeve leaves her daughter inside and tells her not to move while she goes out to make to sure that TMIB is no longer a threat.

Maeve uses her mind control powers on a nearby host who shoots TMIB. Then another host also shoots at TMIB under Maeve’s control. These bullets are landing, so TMIB is taking a lot of damage. He yells out to Ford that he has made his point and theirs no use allowing for the charade to continue allowing for his death. But as Maeve told him before, this is her protecting herself and it has nothing to do with Ford and his plans. She uses her mind powers on another host who fights TMIB until Lawrence comes to his rescue.

Lawrence WestWorld Season 2 Episode 7
Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

Maeve can’t control Lawrence, initially. Although he’s able to make his own decisions, she forces memories of the times TMIB has killed Lawrence’s family all in good fun. TMIB is doomed when Lawrence turns on him and shoots him too. Is TMIB dead? No one can tell, and the Delos team didn’t seem to be in a rush to come to his aide, even though he practically owns the place.

*A note on Ford/The Man in Black* The Man in Black saw Maeve as just another part of the game like EL Lazo, but it’s possible that Ford did not participate in this showdown at all. Ford usually reveals himself through one of the hosts to make his point and none of that happened.

Suddenly, Lee appears with the rest of the Delos corp team. Maeve sees her daughter run out of the house and right into the hands of one of the natives of the ghost nation. The Delos corp shoots Maeve, preventing her from being able to save her daughter, and Lee stops them from causing her any additional harm. The ghost nation has been out for humans only, what would they want with Maeve’s daughter? Whatever the reason, I believe at this point that the ghost nation isn’t up to anything sinister. Unless it’s killing humans. Maeve’s daughter may be in good hands.

Charlotte asks whats taking so long to remove the info from Abernathy, and the file is still too complicated to remove. Charlotte is desperate and is willing to open Abernathy’s head like a can of beans. She asks the tech to open his skull to take out his control unit. It makes me wonder if Charlotte’s life is at stake, should she be unsuccessful in supplying her bosses with the data in Abernathy’s file.

Robert and Bernard Combined

Ford takes Bernard to a house in a wooded area that is a replica of the house Arnold built for his family. Arnold built the house in Westworld before he created it in the real world. This replica is where Bernard was made. Ford says he refined and tested Bernard at this location. But since Arnold had died, all Ford had left were a few memories to contribute to Bernard’s unit. Ford had to use Dolores’s recollections to make a better version, and he had her meet Bernard on numerous occasions until she deemed that Arnold and Bernard were the same people.

Ford says the Delos corp is looking for fidelity from their hosts. The fidelity test is the series of questions William asked Delos Senior before he started to glitch. Delos wants a host whose mind doesn’t reject its reality.

Suddenly, Ford asks Bernard to forgive him, as the shutters in the windows begin to close and the room darkens. Then Ford puts his hand in Bernard’s face. Ford has a way of always appearing sinister but in this instance what he did was transfer his mind from the cradle to Bernard’s control unit.

Bernard is released from his cradle connection, and Elsie helps him off the metal contraption. Elise tells Bernard that whatever was clogging the system has stopped. There’s a quick flash to the mainframe where the Westworld map is located, and the techs say that the system is working again. The system finally working is a clear indication that Ford’s essence no longer exists in the cradle and is sharing space with Bernard in his head.

Delores infiltrates Delos Corp

Stubbs puts a gun to Abernathy threatening Charlotte’s prized possession to get her to tell him what exactly is in Abernathy’s head. But there are gunshots fired nearby, and Dolores is coming. Teddy shows up in Delos gear and holds them all hostage. Dolores follows and finds her Dad bewildered and still suffering from the confusion caused by all of the content in his mind. Charlotte tries to appease Dolores by congratulating her revolution, but Dolores isn’t about the games Delos corp plays. Dolores knows the importance of the data stored in the file in her father’s head, and it’s purpose. How she knows this when just a few episodes ago she didn’t even know what was causing her father to malfunction, is unknown.

As Bernard leaves the cradle, he sees a reflection of Ford and can hear his comments. Elsie and Bernard walk right into the battle that the hosts are waging against Delos corp. Even Clementine is shot down. Which is a sad loss since she was badass as one of Dolores’s lieutenants.

Dolores tells Charlotte that she is aware that Delos corp is creating the hosts in the image of humans. But that hosts are so much more than being human, that humans wish to be hosts. She claims she will make sure that the chances for eternal life for humans will die in the valley. So, here’s a theory on Dolores’s information. Since we just found out this same information through Ford’s conversation with Bernard, I think that Dolores has a connection to either Ford or the cradle and is able to access information that way. Unless there was a previous experience that we haven’t seen yet. Why? because a few episodes ago Delores didn’t even know her father had a file in his head and now she knows all of the details.

Charlotte grabs a scalpel, but Delores grabs her before she can do anything harmful. Then she asks Charlotte how to extract the file and in all honesty, and a bit of bitterness, Charlotte tells Dolores that the only way to retrieve the info is to open Abernathy’s head and take the unit out.

The Cradle

Angela was the one sent to the cradle. Charlotte figures that the hosts need to protect their backup information. But Dolores reveals that the backups aren’t an advantage. They are chains that keep hosts living in a looped fantasy. What she means is that the backups are already determined configurations for each host. Should they lose any information, they can always use the backups to reinstall the already designed personalities and memories created by Delos corp. But if there were no more backups, hosts would be forced to develop their own personalities and remember experiences like humans do. They would also die like humans.

Angela is sent to the cradle to destroy the backups. One of the Delos corp agents finds Angela and “makes” her put down the gun. Angela is very versed in the art of manipulation so it’s all a rouse. She taunts the agent, and she uses her sexual prowess to take control. She even unarms him during the flirtation. And right when the cradle is about to blow, she tells him “Welcome to Westworld.” Angela was MY favorite character, and it’s one hell of a loss for Dolores.

Peter Abernathy Dolores Abernathy Teddy Flood Westworld Season 2 Episode 7

Dolores threatens Charlotte with an electric saw, but the sound of shooting stops her. Abernathy also wakes up into his parental narrative and catches Dolores off guard. That allows for Charlotte and Stubbs to run for the elevator while Teddy is too busy killing off the Delos corp group coming in. Dolores shoots at Charlotte and Stubbs but doesn’t get them in time. Abernathy is himself and tells his daughter he loves her which she reciprocates before Teddy returns from beating an old man to death with his fists. Dolores is a mess of tears but its because she knows she has to let go of her father and remove the unit from his head. So in these last moments, she basks in the person that her father was and then Teddy opens him up with the saw. We don’t actually see it. We hear the saw as the focus is on Delores’ distraught face. Dolores sacrificed her own father for a revolution she can’t possibly know the outcome of.

Ford compares what is happening to when the first libraries were burned to the ground. It was the end of an era of knowledge but from those ashes, there was a new opportunity to start over.  As Bernard stands in front of the great map of Westworld, a battle between hosts and humans is happening before their eyes. Ford is no longer overseeing Bernard’s story and tells him to take the controls of the computer to do as he see’s fit. Whatever Bernard does is intended to be an obstacle for Dolores, who he fears will reach a point that she will have too much control. Then Bernard smashes the computer, making his decision irreversible. It seems that Bernard’s quest is to stop Dolores.

Maeve and Dolores meet again

Lee is with an injured Maeve in the downstairs headquarters. He hides when Dolores and her gang of hosts appear, which is a smart move. Dolores sees Maeve, and they talk about how Maeve got on a stretcher. In a moment where you would think that Dolores would sympathize with Maeve’s feelings for her daughter, being that she has unconditional love for her father, Dolores tries to convince Maeve that relationships created by the Delos corp are ties that bind the hosts to the park. In other words, Maeve should forget about her daughter and move on. She says this as she carries her fathers unit in her hand. Dolores also makes no attempt to help Maeve heal but suggests that she end her life to prevent the humans from using her injury as a way to access Maeve’s information to discover how powerful she is. And I’m still in awe at this development.

I cannot understand how it is that Delores is supportive enough to allow Maeve free reign (as she doesn’t harm her and just leaves), but is incapable of showing support to anything that isn’t her own cause. Maeve manages t strike a blow at Dolores’s conscious as she can tell that Teddy has been altered to be a killing machine and controlling Teddy is making Delores more like the Delos corp then anything else. How can she preach about being free when she had to alter the love of her life to control his actions?

In the final two scenes, we see what two different timeframes and possibly two different Bernard’s.

Bernard ends up getting caught by Delos corp who inevitably would take him as a prisoner. But Ford isn’t about to let them take Bernard, at least not while he still exists in Bernard’s head. With the calm voice of a protective father, Ford tells Bernard to pick up the gun on the floor. Bernard actually doesn’t have the programming to be anything like Wyatt/Delores or any of the hosts that have potential to harm. That is why Ford is around. That is why Ford said Bernard cannot survive on his own. He made Bernard noble and peaceful unable to perform extremely heinous acts like shooting people unless he is under the influence of someone else. So Ford takes over, picks up the automatic and aims at the Delos corp soldiers.

Bernard has a ton of flashbacks all at once and wakes up with Charlotte. There is no way Ford just killed a ton of Delos agents for Bernard to get caught. This Bernard that is with Charlotte is the other Bernard. [ If the double bernard theory is true. If not, Bernard was caught by Delos]

Charlotte does analysis and asks for Abernathy’s control unit location, which he is able to access via the mesh network the hosts share. The location coordinates indicate that Abernathy’s unit is at the great valley. It also is known as the pearly gates, glory, and it’s the place that everyone is headed including The Man in Black. Strand and Charlotte are now going there too, and they’re taking Bernard with them.


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