Oh No, they killed who? The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale S4 E8 Too Far Gone

Prison Showdown

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The mid-season finale of any show can only mean one thing, the loss of lives. And the title, too far gone, screams mid season death. Ever since the season began, it seemed that the camp was living a very sheltered, safe life. This was made incredibly clear through Rick, who always had his hand hovering over his gun in anxiety and had traded in his gun to become a farmer for the camp. The Governor shows up at the prison gates with a tank and a load of armed people. Rick tries to negotiate peace, since they were outnumbered, and invited the group to join their forces. But nothing was going to stop this mid-season finale prison showdown!

We knew we were going to lose an important character.  I won’t delay the bad news. We’ve lost Hershel. (R.I.P.) The Governor cut his head off with Michonne’s blade.


Hershel Death The Walking Dead Too Far Gone
Hershel R.I.P.

Hershel was the Leader, Doctor, and Guiding light in The Walking Dead. When it seemed that the group in the cell block who had contracted the flu would be destined to death, he took care of them, risking his own life and giving them hope. It makes you wonder who Rick will turn to for guidance when he is at wits end.  How will Hershel’s two daughters move on without their father?


If revenge is suppose to be sweet, I’m guessing the Governor’s death is the sweetest part of this episode. The Governor finally meets his maker. It was all downhill when his newly adopted daughter is bitten by a zombie and her dead body was brought to him by her mother, Lilly. He quickly shot the girl in the head to prevent her zombie revival and the look in his eye said everyone was going to pay.  He gets to give Rick a good beating but was interrupted by the blade that punctured his stomach, courtesy of Michonne. Like all villains, the blade through the mid-section wasn’t enough to kill the Governor. Lilly finalized his death with a quick shot to the head. It was very satisfying to see that both women that were affected by the Governors mental problems, were able to take part in bringing him down.

Rick and Carl find Judith’s car seat covered in blood with no baby in sight. This is the cliffhanger we are left with, the idea that  baby Judith is also dead. I wouldn’t claim that she is a part of the list of those killed in this finale. We are going to need a body confirmation before we can say that she is truly gone. The possibility still lies that someone within the camp grabbed the little girl during all the fighting and disorder.

The finale ended with everyone leaving the prison. How much do you want to bet that they are on their way to Macon, Georgia?  Stay tuned in February when The Walking Dead starts up again.

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