Top 5 TV Series trailers revealed at SDCC

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If there’s one thing that I look forward to when it comes to comic con, it’s the reveals. The extra juicy teasers that are released to the public only during this celebrated event to entice us. I chose the top 5 tv series trailers from these reveals. The TV series trailers always contain tid-bits of revealing info and even more chopped up clips to leave us as clueless as we were, before we even saw the trailer.

Khary Payton as Ezekiel - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Khary Payton as Ezekiel – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


I must love the torture because I was very excited with all the trailers. I fall for it every single year. These are my top 5 choices for best trailers released, that have me panting for the seasons to begin.

The Flash

The season ended with one major question in mind: How THE F did Barry mess up the timeline now? Barry has gone back in time and saved his mom, an act that will completely change the course of his life. Instead of giving us hints as to whats to come, the trailer released during SDCC was very thorough.

Barry grows up with both parents, but never becomes friends with Joe and Iris. Cisco Ramone is rich arrogant and still incredibly funny, but also doesn’t know Barry personally in this new dimension. And although it may seem like a new beginning for him (he can always make friends with them going forward), a caged up Thorne knows that the life they are living is a mirage and even names it “Flashpoint”. So it seems that this phase in Barry’s life will be temporary. How will he make things right again? BTW Wally shows up as the Flash and I’m wondering how he measures up to Barry in speed. But we basically have season 3 cut out for us.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead played with our emotions by taking a trip down memory lane on each person that could be Negan’s victim. But we also get to see whats to come after we sort out the loser of Negan’s batting routine. After we find out it’s Glenn next season (because it’s going to be him and you know it,) the rest of the group will be added to Negan’s camp (or prison).

The psychopath likes to play games with the lives of his people and doesn’t waste any chances in producing fear. If we thought the Govenor was one hell of an obstacle, Negan seems to be 10 times as difficult. However, this trailer also introduced Ezekiel and the Kingdom, which leaves us with some hope.

Legends of Tomorrow

I thought they would have closed the book on this show after they got rid of Vandal Savage last season. He seemed to be the center problem and main focus of the show. But now that they have rid the world of the time masters, the Legends must step up to the job. There are new time criminals that will be trying to manipulate what they can now that there is no organization to stop them. So there may not be any more Vandal Savage, but there are a ton of new people to chase this season.

 Fear the Walking Dead

It won’t be much of a vacation but this upcoming season will take place in Mexico. But since it’s post-zombie apocalypse, their won’t be any fun times down south. Nick is stranded and comes across one of their first major organized groups. In the Walking Dead, we had the Governor, Negan, the hospital I can’t remember, but all these people had one thing in common–their survival tactics were based on controlling a group of people. Nick faces Mexican gangs that have set the standard for the way life and it looks like it’s going to get crazy, as his mom and the rest look for him.


What I’ve been waiting for all along has finally come to pass. Lagertha is going to sweep the floor with Aslaug, and even better, Lagertha and Ragnar may reunite as lovers. I’ve always felt that Ragnar and Lagertha are  soulmates that were separated by Ragnar’s small brain. It also looks like King Eckbert will get a visit from Ragnar in the near future, which I’m very much looking forward to. Also, Ragnar will see the son he fathered with Kwnethrith.


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