The Wars to Come : Season 5 Episode 1 Game of Thrones

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Two young girls creep through the forest without the permission of their parents, looking for a lonely shack at it’s center. The brown haired girl is afraid of: the other girls father, the woods, and of the tales she’s heard of what lies within the shack. The blonde haired girl is determined and presses on with a mission.

Inside, they find a woman asleep in a chair. Her shack is covered in weird hanging objects, including some type of animal in a cage. They tip the cage and the animals screech awakens the woman. The brown haired girl sees this as a warning that they must flee and the woman seated at the chair, agrees that the girls must go. But the blonde has heard that the woman had cat like teeth and three eyes, and yet she looks like an ordinary woman. The blonde tells her she does not fear her and is there to find out what she knows.

The woman obeys, but requires some of the young girls blood. The blonde slices her thumb and the woman sucks some of the blood. The woman tells her she has 3 questions she can ask, but warns, that she will not like the answers. The blonde states that she is betrothed to a prince. Will she marry him? The woman tells her No, she will marry the King. Will they have children? The king will have 20 children but the Blonde, will only have 3.

The blonde girl is confused. That doesn’t make sense. How could she be married to a king that will have many children and she only 3. The woman tells her that her children will have golden crowns and golden shrouds. The woman begins to cackle. The blonde is confused at what could be so funny.


The blonde girl is Cersei. She had known her fate since she went to that woman. And now, she’s in on the joke. Her children are blonde because her brother is their father, and not the dark-haired king, she was married to.

Present day Cersei, ascends the stairs to see the body of her father, that is laying in the same chamber, her deceased son once laid. A succession awaits for her private meeting to end, before they can enter to pay respect to Lord Tywin. Jaime is already at his father’s side. It seems that Cersei and Jaime enjoy having arguments in the company of dead relatives. Thank God, this time, it didn’t turn into love making.

Cersei knows that Tyrion is to blame for her father’s murder and has added this to her many reasons to want him dead. She also realizes that Jaime is to blame for freeing Tyrion. But Jaime feels that their father’s death should bring them closer, since the fear people had for Tywin, has kept many enemies at bay. Jaime thinks that people will try to tear them down now, and that the succession outside, is only there to witness Tywin’s death for reassurance. The family is now down to the twins, that everyone knows are banging each other, and Tommen. There may be some truth to Jaime’s claim. What will stop those that hate the Lannister’s from trying to take them off the thrones?Nonetheless, Cersei is focused on Tyrion’s demise.

At the get together, after the wake, Cersei bumps into her cousin she used to also have sex with. Cersei sure likes to keep it in the family. I forgot he hasn’t been around for awhile, I just figured he was laying low. But it seems that after wounds obtained at Blackwater, he went away to his father’s house to heal. Now, he has returned a very religious man called a sparrow, almost similar to a monk. He tells her, he believes in the seven gods and regrets his relations with Cersei, as well, as his involvement in the death of Robert Baratheon. Cersei is unphased–“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

Seems like she is pleading the fifth on this one.


Tyrion has arrived at Illyrios’ home and takes to drinking right away.  Apparently, he drank his way through his entire journey.  No surprise there. But there is more to his drinking this time around. Tyrion is dealing with the fact that he killed the woman he loved and his own father, regardless of their faults. “The future is shit, just like the past.” – Tyrion

The consequences of the 2 murders is hitting him hard and he’s hitting the bottle even harder. Varys decides to explain to Tyrion his intentions, as Tyrion throws up a few cups of the wine he has been guzzling.

Varys wants to convince Tyrion to find new motivation in life by supporting another to reach the throne. Varys claims that what he has been working for, and what he truly desires, is to have some sort of civil peace in the seven kingdoms. He wants to find a ruler that will TRY to be as fair as possible, and not let the bullies over take them. Someone that is not as unprepared as Tommen and not as rash as Stannis.

Daenerys Targaryen.

He wants Tyrion to support Daenerys and Tyrion agrees, as long as he can drink on his expedition to meet her.


Baelish and Sansa have dropped off Robin Arryn at Lord Royce. He will be in training to be a fighter like the rest of the lords his age. If you remember anything about Robin, he was coddled by his mother to the point that he does not have any skill at anything. But Baelish pushes for him to stay and be trained, nonetheless. This is just his way of being nice and not just dropping the boy in a field somewhere.

Baelish tells Lord Royce that he and Sansa will be on his way to the Fingers, but when they leave, they head in the opposite direction. Not because he doesnt trust Lord Royce, but because he doesnt know who around could be an interested party. After all the years of having snakes in every corner at King’s Landing, he is always prepared for unknown enemies.

Baelish intends to take Sansa to a location where Cersei will not hear from her or have any power to reach out for her. Where could they possibly be going?


Margaery’s brother feels as free as Cersei does, with the death of Tywin. Cersei will not have to marry another man that isn’t her brother and Loras can sleep with whatever man he chooses. And he does. Margaery walks in on his recent conquest of a young man from Dorne. She asks her brother to be a little more discreet, after the young lad escorts himself out of the room. But for what? Everyone knows he’s gay and now he is free with Tywin’s death. His words, not mine. Yet Margaery is still on the road to becoming queen as Tommen’s betrothed, because she has bigger things in mind.


Brienne tries to rid herself of her squire Podrick. When Arya fled, it sucked all of the ambition that Brienne had to do right by the dying request of Lady Stark. She feels that all the real honorable lords and ladies have passed, and all that’s left are people not worth respecting.

Podrick suggest looking for Sansa, but Brienne has given up on her mission. What will she do now? There has to be something that reminds her of her loyalty to Jaime, who is still alive.

Daenerys Targaryen – Khalessi

Daenerys has been acquiring enemies at a rapid rate after releasing the slaves states from their oppressors. One of the unsullied, White Rat, finds himself visiting a brothel. Since the unsullied have been castrated, his desire is not of a sexual nature. He pays one of the whores to caress and sing to him. Unfortunately, this whore has been paid by a person in a golden mask, to stand aside as he slits White Rat’s neck open.

These golden masked men are called the “Sons of the Harpy” and Daenerys has made a claim for revenge through her unsullied. Who are these golden masked beings? And what  issue do they have with the mother of dragons?

The same people Daenerys freed, are also becoming her enemies. Daenerys is getting complaints from the freed slaves, that they want to be reunited with they’re slaveowners. A man even comes to plea to Daenerys for her to reinstate pit fighting; slaves fighting to the death against slaves. What was the point of releasing them to begin with? But I understand, when you live your whole life living a certain lifestyle, you can’t possibly imagine yourself doing anything else. Change causes fear.

Daario Naharis, explains to Daenerys why the pits aren’t so bad. He grew up fighting in one, when his mother sold him, and he received fame for his fighting skill, that got him into the second sons. Daario makes it a point to tell her this because she’s rapidly gaining enemies and other then her strong words of rejection, she’s not showing any real strength and power. Her dragons are what have brought her there, and yet, she has them locked away. But that’s because she can’t control Drogon anymore. She doesn’t even know where he is.  Daario points out that a Queen of dragons is not a queen without them.

Daenerys goes out to see the two dragons that she has locked up, and they are enraged that she has them cooped up in a basement. Daenerys runs out like a bat out of hell because they were down right vicious, and willing to kill her. What will she do now, if she can’t prance her dragons around as a test of her ultimate power? How will she remain queen, with the numbers rising in those that want to take her down?

Hoepfully, when Tyrion arrives to meet her, he can become a new counselor to her. Varys’ has invested in Tyrion because he knows that the man is beyond smart, and that his genius, could give them the upper hand.

Jon Snow


The few men of the Night’s Watch are training their new recruits, who are as unprepared as Sam was when he arrived. And Stannis seems to be more focused on gaining an army to establish his right to the throne, more then he is worried about the white walkers. What he doesn’t get is that if the white walkers kill everyone below the wall, there will be no kingdom to rule.

Melisandre is up to something with Snow, in her flirtatious lord of the light nastiness. She is thrilled to find out that Snow is not a virgin, and I’m hoping she doesn’t have one of her sexual rituals in mind.

Stannis demands that Snow convince Mance to bend the knee and provide his wildlings as additions to the army. Everyone knows that the chances of Mance bending his knee to a king, is the most ridiculous request from a man that lives for the freedom that the kingdom could not offer him. Snow tries his best to convince him, but Mance knows that his people stand for something that they cannot let go of willingly.

That night, Stannis requests Mance to bend the knee before him, and when Mance refuses, he is placed above a heavily wooded stake. After a few words about the lord of the light, Melisandre sets the kindle on fire, and wildlings, night watchmen, and everyone else, watch as Mance is slowly burned alive. I kept thinking to myself, that watching as a man struggled with the pain and torture of burning, was barbaric. And then, Snow pulls out an arrow and puts Mance out of his misery before it could continue.

What did you think about this episode? Any predictions?


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