Why I Stopped Recapping The Walking Dead Season 7

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They killed Glenn and Abraham, and I stopped blogging recaps of the Walking Dead. Actually, I stopped blogging completely. And this is my full disclosure as to why I invested my time in reruns of The Golden Girls, adult coloring books, and blowing spit bubbles, when I could have been organizing some deep descriptive TWD recaps. It all started with the major character deaths i was looking forward to. The Glenn and Abe episode was heartbreaking and completely expected. It was worth the wait and I was ready to start on our new journey.


Why I stopped recapping the walking dead season 7

The only problem is that our journey never went anywhere during the first half of season seven. Each episode was dedicated to the whereabouts of one person or a small group. We were dragged through an hour of what could have been condensed into five minutes of an episode that featured the full cast. Did you not get the feeling that everything that happened with Tara could have been clipped? I’m no newbie to TWD. I know the drill. After a horrific episode or a lengthy complication, there is a plateau state where the characters deal with their inner issues instead of actual outside threats. But these episodes dragggggged!


And let’s talk about how Negan has become the most annoying micromanaging boss ever. I was getting pretty sick of seeing him strolling in clicking his heals and twirling his bat around like a cane, as if he was Fred Astaire.


Then he taunts everyone. He really has nothing to do, so poking fun at other people is his pass time. It’s also a part of his psychological mission to constantly invoke fear and weaken the self-esteem of his followers. It’s so damn boring my eyes would scream if they could. But did Negan really have to say something to Carl about his eye? I mean really. There are zombies walking around daily with the same open socket. Is there no one untouched from his nonsense? I know the eye socket talk was just another way to get under the boy’s skin, but let’s move things along please. More of the same.


I had a really hard time falling for Negan’s storyline too. After watching Darryl get tortured, it became clear that this was how Negan was infiltrating the minds of the people that support his every move. But his army is too big for me to buy that they were all put through the same set of musical torment, torture, and constant ridicule. Theres no way he had the time to dehumanize all of them. He makes these people feel low and taste fear, and then they eventually strive to do tricks like a pet, to win his love and attention. But he never leaves it alone; he always makes a sideway comment reminding them that he made them feel stupid. Yeah, I’m talking about guys like Dwight. How is Negan still alive when he took his wife, scarred his face, and makes sure to remind Dwight that the old lady is a good lay, ever so often? He’s done this to several people from what they showed. How is there not ONE plotting against this man. Not one that is willing to be a martyr to take Negan out?

The whole thing is just fishy. Something else would have to build up in at least one of these minions, that isn’t loyalty.

So the combination of the grueling pace and Negan’s boringness, made me not even want to tune in every week. And it didn’t motivate me to pour over the episode details in a well thought out blog. I couldn’t find the stamina to write. After a few episodes, I was even watching TWD days after Sunday—something that I never do. I wasn’t looking forward to the next episode and didn’t even care about following up on Talking Dead. That, combined with some other shows that turned me off, drove me to take a hiatus.

I’ve summed it all up to a change in writers or some creative risks gone wrong in the writer’s room. I really have no idea what happened this first half of the season. What I do know is that something has got to change when it starts again in February. They left us with a promise that Rick is going to war. I’m hoping the writers will stand up to the challenge and bring back The Walking Dead we know.

What are your thoughts on the midseason finale, Negan, Abe and Glenn– the first half of season seven? comment below or message me directly — Let’s vent

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