Where’s the Governor been? The Walking Dead: Live Bait episode

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The episode titled “Live Bait” shows us what the Governors been doing all this time.

We might have thought he was somewhere hiding out with maps, setting up strategies, to get the ultimate revenge on the prison when everyone least expects it.

This is not the case for the Governor, who at the end of season 3, must have had some remorse for all of his actions.

After being abandoned by the last of his followers, he burns down Woodbury, but its not for a new beginning.  It is more to erase what he feels guilt about. He then staggers about wandering the streets with no real will to continue and no urge to fight walkers. Looking a complete scruffy mess.  He has lost his purpose.

His purpose was Penny, his daughter. Although she had turned into a walker, he kept her because he couldn’t let go and at the end of his days in Woodbury, he would come home to her even if she was a zombie. Now that Penny is dead (or should i say lifeless? since as a walker she was dead anyway), Woodbury is gone, and we assume he realizes he had caused harm to a lot of people out of his obsession with Woodbury, he has nothing left.

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Until he sees Megan, A little girl that sees him collapse onto the street when he is at his lowest. He comes to her home and finds that her home is made up of 2 women, Lilly (Megan’s Mom), Tara, and a dying old man. As he stays there, Lily, tries all her efforts to warm up to the Governor, since she doesn’t know his past and just believes he is a man that has been through a lot, and isn’t any different from anyone else.

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The Governor has started to gain purpose for his life. He’s killing the zombie stuck in the  bathtub (Which no one mentions he just comes across it in the bathroom), playing chess with the little girl, and risking his life for oxygen tanks for the old man, a regular family man.

At the end of the scene, he takes his new family with him on the way out. The old man is dead and they feel that their opportunity is better wherever it is that hes going. They come across a mob of walkers and when its time to run, he takes Megan ahead with him.

Unfortunately, they accidently fall into a ditch of walkers. The same man that was dragging his feet to live earlier in the episode, begins to kill walkers with his bare hands. The entire time his motivation is the little girl, Megan. He promises her he will never let anything hurt her. And that’s when he sees one of his old comrades….

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The deal has been sealed. The Governor has a new purpose in life. He has a new family and hopefully he is a new person. Now this could turn ugly again, he sometimes becomes so driven with the goal at hand he breaks the rules to achieve the will of the good.  It will be interesting to see where he’s going with this.

image source: Screen shots from episode

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