Where Do We Go From Here? The Walking Dead Season 5 episode 11-14

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If there is one thing the zombie apocalypse has taught us, it’s that survival of the fittest dictates the actions of the world when it seems that there is no hope in a never-ending cycle of death and defeat. In fact, The Walking Dead has shown us numerous times how the places that seem so optimistic, because of their attempt at balance and positivity, soon reveal themselves to be something more sinister. We saw it at the Governor’s town and Terminus. Even the prison the group tried to make their home became far from a sanctuary when it came down to surviving in the long run.

So what do we make of the safe zone in Alexandria? This show has built us to be as paranoid as those that live in this post-apocalyptic world of constant fear. We think we know what it’s like to come across people that want to kill and use for their own survival. So we suspect everyone. My first thought at seeing Aaron was: Kill him, he’s too suspicious. Everyone watching is looking and waiting for the flaw in this peaceful town to show up. Are we going through this again? Is Alexandria in some way a trick? Or is the Rick and the rest of them the real bad guys here?

I’m just throwing out rhetorical questions. I purposely do not read the comics because I don’t want to have any insight on the possibilities, so I don’t have an inkling of where the story is headed. However, there are some things I have heard and combined with my own assumptions that have made me think twice about what’s really going on in season 5 of The Walking Dead.

The Wolves Theory

It has been rumored that one of the groups from the comic books will be appearing on the show as the “Wolves.” There has been a lot of Wolf imagery this season. The comic Carl finds in his house in the safe zone is about wolves and there was writing on the walls of Noah’s town, that said: Wolves not far. There is also the possibility that these Wolves are a new group set up by the creators of the show. Then there is the “W” that has shown up on the foreheads of several walkers. I don’t think we are going to know what the WOLVES is leading to until the final episode. Hopefully, they throw us a bone on this one soon enough.

The Real Bad Guys

Abraham The Walking Dead Season 5

Considering the new antagonist of the season, we have to wonder if the tables have turned this time around. Is it possible that the residents of the safe zone are so meek that Rick and company have become the new bad guys? It has crossed my mind more than once, especially since the show has to do something different. I mean, how do you top the fear associated with cannibals? What could possibly be worse then Terminus? If Rick and the rest become the villains, how can we still be rooting for our team? I think this theory hit home when Rick said that if the people of the safe zone couldn’t handle things, they would take everything over. Then Abraham became a leader, and clearly, Rick is already running things as the fake Sheriff. It would be interesting to see if the new antihero was actually the former hero.

The Dead Son

Noah and Glenn The Walking Dead Season 5

On episode 14 of The Walking Dead, titled SPEND,  the son of the unofficial governor of the safe zone dies during a run. This could mean conflict between Ricks’s group and the safe zone inhabitants, although we also lost Noah R.I.P. Is it possible that if this blows up there will be a true conflict between the two groups and that is the real main stage of the season? Would it even matter to them that we lost Noah?  Deanna knows her son was reckless and unprepared, but it’s unclear how she will react to his passing. After all, she has trusted this new group of ruffians to help him and in turn, they’ve returned without him.

The Holy Traitor

Father Gabriel on The Walking Dead Season 5

I’ve never trusted the shaky priest. I understood that at some point he has had the weight of some losses on his shoulder, but I’ve always felt that he behaves like he has a lot more sins to feel remorse for then he is telling. In the episode SPEND, he has confided in Deanna that the group she has welcomed into her safe zone should not be trusted. He states that they have done horrible things. How Deanna will deal with this information is unknown. But what I don’t understand is where the priest is going with this. Does he intend to get Rick’s group kicked out? And what is he talking about? They haven’t done anything that was out of the usual for the sake of survival. They haven’t done anything to him either. Rick and Co. have not lured people with the intentions of harming them, and to me, that is the epitome of evil in this free world without authority. It could always tie into the idea that Rick and the group will be marked as villains if Deanna feels the information that she received from the priest is pertinent. Lucky for us, Maggie heard the whole conversation so the group will not be in the dark about this.

The Abusive Husband

Rick’s new pretend girlfriend, Jessie, has a very interesting companion. We discover in the episode SPEND, that Pete has been abusing his wife Jessie and his kids. While Carol has been threatening little Sam to keep him quiet about seeing her stealing guns, he has been sticking to her like glue just to keep away from his father. Carol gives Rick the ultimatum to kill Pete. Being a formerly abused wife, Carol remembers that her life did not change until her husband was dead. She tells Rick that he has no other choice. So is this our villain for this end of season? Will Rick kill Pete? And if he does, what will be the consequences? Will that be the final cherry that makes this team the villains to the peaceful safe zone? I can’t help but feel that there is something surreal about Pete like he’s an actor that has been hired in this town to play a role. What if he is just a catalyst to bring something out of Rick?

Sorry, that was the paranoia kicking in.

Targeting Weakness

Aaron and Darryl on The Walking Dead Season 5

Speaking of playing roles, I have not been able to shake the idea that Rick’s team is being targeted. That their weaknesses are being used against them. In the first episode after the break, Rick confesses in a recording that the bad people of the world are targeting people for their weaknesses. I can’t help but wonder if this gem of information was harvested by the inhabitants of the safe zone to create a plan for the group. Is it a coincidence that Jessie came to cut Rick’s hair and there seems to be this major chemistry. I mean at one point she begged Rick to let her kids play with Carl. And she just seems to be everywhere.  Or maybe that’s more of my paranoia?

But to further my point, I think Aaron’s new interest in Darryl is a clear example of what I’m trying to say. All of a sudden, Aaron is really interested in appeasing Darryl, someone who shuts everyone out. What a lovely coincidence that Aaron, a man that is not too crafty with mechanics, from what he says, has a room full of tools, parts, and a motorcycle. What are the chances that Darryl is really interested in bikes?  Aaron gets him to go to the party that everyone was attending. But Aaron didn’t attend, in order to stay home with Eric. What a coincidence that Aaron would be standing on his porch as Darryl leaves the party, just in time to invite him to dinner.

Then there’s Rick who is slowly becoming comfortable being Sheriff, something he once was. Is this another plot to get these people comfortable before blindsiding them?

You see what I mean?

Are these people playing parts in a play that Rick and co. have no idea they are a part of?

The Missing Gun in The Blender

Rick hid a gun in a blender before he voluntarily walked into the safe zone at Alexandria. It was a precaution that I felt was very smart because the blender was hidden in rubble and garbage. But when Rick returned to look for it, it was nowhere to be found. That means someone saw him put it in the blender and took it out afterward. The question is: who was it?

Was it someone from the safe zone or was it someone else from the outside? If it was someone from the outside, it may very well mean that they are being watched by another person or group of people. That is one of my fears. That the villain is on the outside, whether it be THE WOLVES or some other group. The people of the safe zone are not trained or prepared to deal with psychos and killers. That would mean that if Rick formulated an army to combat whatever was out there, he would be outnumbered just based on how vulnerable the inexperienced people of the safe zone in Alexandria are.


He is one of the most beloved characters, and yet, he has only been in about four episodes. But Morgan’s return is almost definite. The last time we saw him, he had shown up at the church where they picked up Father traitor (Gabriel). He knew that Rick was part of the group because he found the map that Abraham wrote a message to Rick. He should be close behind unless he believes they are on their way to Washington D.C., which was the original plan.

What is Morgan’s part in all of this? Will he come just in time to save the day or will he be the one bringing news of a greater danger? Regardless of what they choose to do with Morgan, it is sad that we have such little time with him at the end of this season.

What do you think about what lies ahead? Is the missing gun in the blender significant? Will the danger lie within the walls of the safe zone or come from the outside? And what about Morgan? Comment Below or Message me here ->

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