Rick Grimes the villain in Alexandria: The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 “Try”

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Last night’s The Walking Dead episode “Try,” took is front and center into the debate on where we stand in Alexandria. But first, we must go over teenage love in the zombie apocalypse and the psychological pressure of constantly losing loved ones.


Sasha has reached the point that the only thing that brings her pleasure is taking out walkers, with gun and silencer. There’s nothing wrong with that, but for her, this has become life and the only thing that brings her some type of content in knowing that she’s closer at ridding the world of the creatures that have taken those that she loved the most. What she needs to be thinking about is the fact that she’s wasting bullets at a time when they are needed the most. I mean how many bullets does she even have?

Michonne comes in for a very hasty intervention. Sasha goes trudging through the forest shooting walkers till she is outnumbered and when Michonne comes in to help, she becomes angry because supposedly she didn’t need any help. Since Michonne’s blades are hanging in her living room, she had to settle for a puny gun, and she realizes the release that she felt taking out walkers. This was an awakening for her.

Sasha babbles something about Michonne being in a better place then her. Don’t know what she is referring to, because Michonne lost a child and other family. Sasha has to learn to focus this energy. There will be bigger things to worry about eventually. She needs to learn to control herself, for the sake of everyone. She tells Michonne that she cant help her and I wonder how true that really is. What if she is right?


Carl goes into the forest running after his crush, Enid. They had a very lovely scene hiding out in a hollowed out tree, as walkers pass them by. Not too good of a hideout, but a cute way to have Carl experience teenage romance in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Our little boy is growing up.


Why is no one communicating about these W’s appearing on zombie foreheads? Darryl and Aaron stumble upon a man that was killed and had the W etched on his head. A little farther down, they found a woman tied to a tree that was eaten alive by zombies, once again, with a W on her forehead.

Hopefully this information will be brought back to the camp and some type of plan will be devised to find out who is dishing out the W’s. But since next episode is the season finale, I’m sure they will realize who they are dealing with, far too late.


Pete and Rick battle it out on The Walking Dead

As i suspected, Rick has fallen into the bad guy category in the eyes of the safe zone inhabitants. He tells Deanna that Pete has to be killed, because he is beating his wife and kid. But Deanna already knew this. She kept Pete around because he was a surgeon and was hoping that he would stop. But as Carol has mentioned, that type of abuse does not just stop with the slap of a hand.

Rick suggests killing the man and Deanna informs him that she would never kill anyone, she would release them into the wilderness. To her, letting people go is a worse fate then anything else. But, Rick and Carol know that if Pete was to be let go, he would be capable of shacking up with some other bad people, and return to claim the town. And that is a risk he is not willing to take.

Rick’s first interaction with Pete, almost causes Rick to lose his cool. He keeps his hand on his gun as he tells Pete to go away. The second time he actually confronts Pete and they end up having an awesome fist fight, complete with flying through a window. Covered in blood, with Pete’s head in a choke hold, the entire town witnesses as Rick lay’s down the law. Unfortunately, it makes Pete look like an innocent victim in the hands of a mad man. After Father traitor’s exclamations to Deanna and Rick sharing his ideas on executing an abusive man, Rick looks like the villian. Then he goes on a rant on how the people of Alexandria don’t have a clue on how to manage themselves in this new world and that only his group knows.

I get where Rick was going with that speech, but I don’t think it came out as planned. He sounded tyrannical, similar to a dictator scoffing at the subjects he will conquer. Then Michonne knocks him out and he stops embarassing himself. He should have taken a page out of Carol’s book. No one knows Carol has the soul of a calculated killer, because she’s playing the part of the den mother. Carol is still hiding her hand and Rick should have never let them see his cards.

The season finale looks like Rick will be taking part in some type of lock down punishment. We can only guess where Morgan and the WOLVES come in to play.

What did you think about Rick’s actions?

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