Kicked out of the Walking Dead: Team Carol vs. Team Rick

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The big scandal on Walking Dead last night, was that Rick kicked Carol out of the circle. This has brought about a debate on where the boundaries lie when it comes to “survival of the fittest”. Where you stand in this debate will determine whether you are part of “Team Carol” or “Team Rick”

The problem at hand is that Carol took the lives of two of the group’s members who were sick with the new flu.  These 2 members would have eventually choked on their own blood and turned into Zombies, but Carol beat them to the punch by killing them off (by setting them on fire) before the disease could progress


“Team Carol”

Carol’s view is that the two members were going to suffer with the disease and eventually die a painful death (choking on their own blood). She was basically putting them out of their misery. Then after they would have died they were going to turn into Zombies and they may have attacked someone in the prison. Carol felt she was just stopping the inevitable and preventing any future problems.

“Team Rick”rick

Rick feels that the members that were put to death by Carol should have been given a fighting chance; they should have waited it out until the very last minute. He feels that if they were to be put to death it should have been a group decision and not the decision of one individual who killed off the members in secrecy. He now doesn’t trust Carol because she acted on her own and may be capable of killing someone else off if she even suspects that they are sick.

The dilemma in picking between these two is that other important factors rise from these two arguments. Rick didn’t sit down with the rest of the group to make a decision whether they should kick Carol out, this is a decision he has made on his own. How can he question Carol for not consulting with the group if he is not doing it himself? It is also unknown how far Carol is willing to go for self-preservation. She’s worried about the girls back at the prison, but one of them is sick, would she be willing to take her out just as easily?

What team are you a part of Team Rick or Team Carol?

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    I agree that Rick made a decision that could potentially mean an early demise for Carol, but on the other hand:

    What would happen if they returned to the prison as if nothing happened, then the rest of ’em found out? Carol is then at risk herself. And even if they spare her, no one will trust her. Her already dank quality of life will get worse.

    But Rick’s exile offers the potential for rebirth. Carol has proven her value when she’s not playing God. She could befriend a new group. Become a brand new cog in a well-oiled commune. He’s giving her the fighting chance she never gave Karen and other dude.

    So yeah. Team Rick, obvi.

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