Flu Season is in- Walking Dead: Internment

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Glenn coughing up blood

The flu season has reached its peak on the Walking Dead. The team isn’t back with the antibiotics and people are changing by the second. The most heart-breaking development is that Glenn started to cough up blood and it looks as if the end is near for these folks if the meds aren’t delivered in time.

Maggie saves her dad Hershel

Luckily, the group gets back in time to get some meds ready for Sasha and Glenn. (They seem to be the important ones that survive this episode)

Hershel in the cellblock with the infected

Here are some new interesting developments of what seems to be the end of the flu season:

Hershel never got the flu although he was treating all of the infected patients. Are Hershel and some of the crew immune?

Rick has to defend the prison on his own from the zombies, while the prison deals with the flu outbreak,  and once again has Rick and Carl stopping the zombies outside the prisonto recruit Carl as his only help.  Will things be the same for Carl and him? Every so often, Rick wants to take away responsibilities rom Carl, so that he can be a boy again, will this be the end of that as well?

Rick is avoiding telling Darryl that he kicked out Carol. Everyone knows this is going to be major. It’s unclear if Darryl sees Carol in a hookup light or as a motherly figure; we just know that he cares for her dearly. It will be hell.

What will happen when Tyreese finds out Carol killed his love?

Is the flu over for this crew? Or will they have to carry out meds for the rest of their lives in case they contract it again from some zombies?


The Governor watching the prison

The episode ended with a glimpse of the Governor watching from just outside the prison gates, has he been watching all along? Is now the time he plans to attack?

source: screenshots from AMC.com The Walking Dead series

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