The Taste of Revenge Game of Thrones The Gift Season 5 Episode 7

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Games of Thrones remains popular because we keep watching and agonizing as our favorite characters are put through the grinder, being tormented or betrayed, by the evilest people ever to roam Westeros, until we can finally savor a taste of vengeance, as justice is served. That justice, ever so slight, is what brings us back every week. The episode titled The Gift finally gave us a little bit of that satisfaction we have longed for since the season began.

Cersei thought she was quite smug bringing Margaery the finest venison meal in kings landing, while the poor girl sat in a filthy cell covered in dirt.  She couldn’t just be happy with putting her away in jail, she just had to go and throw it in the girls face. This time around, we weren’t left with the urge to choke Cersei, because the High Sparrow/Septon showed his true colors.

Not that he was ever lying. The man was true and fair from the beginning. He let Cersei know that the faith did not discriminate and that wealthy people, and those with power, would be stripped down before the seven gods. Did he not say this? Well, not verbatim, but he told her that he intended to extend that justice to both high and low. Cersei saw it as a tool to punish those that she didn’t like, assuming she was exempt because she was the one that put him in power in the first place. But the Sparrow/Septon has become more powerful than the king himself, why would she have thought that he would be afraid to include her in his plans?

So, when Loras, her cousin, and ex-lover, confessed their past, High Sparrow had Cersei imprisoned. The funny thing is that she wouldn’t have even been there had she not wanted to pretend to Tommen that she was genuinely trying to help his wife and brother-in-law.

Cersei made it to the list of the most hated quite early in the show. It was so clear how little she cared for anyone that wasn’t related to her. Bran was just a kid and she didn’t care that Jamie paralyzed him, in an attempt to hide their sexual rendezvous at Winterfell. She doesn’t care about anything except her kids and her man/boyfriend/brother/sibling. Her younger brother Tyrion falls into the same category as the rest. She’s still waiting for someone to bring her his head.

That being said, what joy I felt seeing her get a taste of her own medicine. I imagine that you felt the same way that I did. It is a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. She’s been sitting around untouched by the cruelness our favorite characters have been exposed to.

Here’s the rub. All stories have patterns, and there seems to be a consistent pattern of torture and pleasure in Game Of Thrones. All the good guys go through hell, sometimes never making it out alive, and the evil ones frolic freely in their own cleverness and self-preservation. We get one small battle won before they bombard us with some major damage. I predict something big coming our way for one of the treasured characters. I just hope that it isn’t as damaging as the Red Wedding. I’m still recovering from that.


Any predictions on how we will be made to suffer? comment below 🙂

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