The tale of Psycho Lizzie and Sweet Mika The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 The Grove

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Episode 14, titled The Grove, is easily the most intense episode of The Walking Dead history. Everyone knows, every episode, is crazy, but this one stands alone. The stars of the episode are Carol, Tyrese and their little crew of children (Lizzie and Mika), and as innocent as the set up may seem, they definitely take us for a ride into a side of the zombie apocalypse, we have never seen before.

Before we begin, there are 2 secrets that the audience knows and the characters in this episode are unaware of:

1) Little Lizzie is a psycho

2) Carol murdered Tyrese’s main squeeze.

Carol, Tyrese, and their 3  little children (psycho included) are still walking along the train tracks on their way to Terminus. They have been walking for days without another map or sign insight to encourage them to continue towards the land of Terminus. I don’t think Terminus is as close as a few days of walking, based on that centered star on the map. It may be farther then they expect.

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Lizzie is trying to help Carol with her night-watch responsibilities and trying to prove to her that she is this strong little girl that has guts to take on whatever needs to be done. And all the while, I’m praying that Carol can see through this tough girl persona to the inner Charles Manson inside. Carol doesn’t give her any responsibilities but provides her with warm words and a hug, which makes me think that she can’t see it.  I know Tyrese can’t see it, so I resign myself to believe that all hope is lost.

That’s till Carol and Tyrese have a heart to heart about Mika and Lizzie. Carol reveals to him that she has noticed that although Lizzie appears stronger than her sister, she doesn’t understand the walkers.  Somehow, in Lizzie’s mind, the walkers are just people that have “changed”.

Which is true. The zombies are people that have changed, in theory, but she believes that their mental capacity is the same, only expressed differently. Something similar to a pet that cannot tell his owner that it is hungry, so it tugs at their pants to get their attention.

Only thing is, Walkers aren’t seeking a hug or a bowl of chow, they want human flesh and they don’t care what they have to do to get it. You would think she would have figured it out by now since she’s seen them in action, but shes thoroughly confused by the concept.

The crew finds a lovely home they can stay in for the night. They collect pecans, find fresh water, and hope to lure some deer for dinner. Carol takes this time to try to teach Mika to defend herself since she is the sweeter of the two sisters. Mika does not intend to kill a human being or animal (no deer for dinner) and has trouble killing walkers, although she does when she needs to. She doesn’t want to kill a being even if it means her own life. It seems that her sister’s disregard for life has made her the extreme opposite.

Lizzie convinces Tyrese not to kill a walker that has fallen on the tracks and is unable to move. Although her sociopath-self has no issue killing rabbits and trying to smother Judith, she is emotionally hurt when zombies are killed. As she giggles, she returns to these tracks to feed the walker rats like its the pet she’s always wanted.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 The Grove Lizzie Mica Carol
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Before Mika can talk some sense into Lizzie for feeding the zombie, a group of burnt walkers shows up and they’re forced back to the house.  Carol and Tyrese begin to shoot the walkers that follow. The walkers are coming from some distant fire they had spotted.  In this instance, Lizzie involves herself in shooting the walkers. This is where a logical person would make a connection. I want to befriend the walkers, but if I stay too long they will kill me and I fear them. Thus, walkers are my enemy. Right?

But later on, she finds a female walker to run around and be her playmate. She even names her Griselda, after a doll Mika named in the house. That’s when Carol comes in and stabs it in the head. I think it’s clear this girl has no grip on reality and is very damaged. Something isn’t clicking up there, even if her life is at risk, and that’s a major problem.

Tyrese wants to settle down in this new home with the girls and try having a normal life, instead of continuing on to Terminus. And frankly, Carol is welcome to the idea, although Lizzie is a major liability.

Nonetheless, they leave Judith and Mika under Lizzie’s care when they go out.

mica the walking Dead season 4 Episode 14 The Grove
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Can someone explain to me WHY? When at this point all her mental issues have been established? When they return, Mika is dead, because Lizzie wanted to show that Mika could come back as a zombie, as the same person she was before. Such a sad moment, poor innocent Mika lying on the floor. Lucky they returned so quickly, Lizzie planned to do the same to Judith.

Tyrese and Carol need to continue on with Judith and they cannot have her around someone like Lizzie. Not to mention, if they do reach Terminus, Lizzie can’t be around other people because she can harm them. So Carol takes the initiative she took, when she killed Tyrese’s girlfriend and decides that she has to kill Lizzie too.

Lizzie look at the flowers The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 The Grove
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She takes her out to the front and tells her to look at the flowers before she shoots her in the head.

Look at the flowers Lizzie.

I was speechless.

Carol breaks down after burying the girls and admits that she killed Tyrese’s girlfriend. Although he gets a good grip on his gun and digs his fingers into the table, Tyrese tells her he forgives her. But he needs her, so of course, he forgives her. The question is if he will go back on his word once they are stable.

Tyrese and Carol, no longer want to stay at the home they felt was comfy just a few days prior. They pack up and head out to Terminus.

There you have it, Ladies and Gentleman, psychological disorders in the zombie apocalypse.

What did you guys think about this episode? Any thoughts on Lizzie and Mica or any of the others?

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    Well, I think the Lizzie angle could have really been a interesitng, and intiguing side story if Lizzie were left to live (without anyone being wise to her). She could “turn” herself into something much worse than a Zombie. She could become a full fledged little girl serial killer within the group community. They’d have to figure out who was doing all these killings…..

      • Erica Marie
      • September 30, 2014

      That would have been an awesome idea! They would have to worry about walkers and the mystery serial killer. Too bad they cut her out so soon

      • Spiritreaver
      • November 23, 2014

      I agree with you wmaceo. That would have been a pretty cool sub-plot to work through the continuing narrative of the show, if it could have been sustained. Sadly though, i don’t think it could have been pulled off with the way the season was mapped out already.

      Actually i think that Lizzie’s arc was most likely handled the best way in terms of it meshing with the rest of the season.

      I mean when you really think about it, Lizzie is the main ‘black-hat’ for season 4. She was secretly feeding the walkers, which in turn kept drawing more and more of them to the fences. Having that many at the fences was a contributing factor to the epidemic at the prison, which is what ultimately cause the fall of it to the Gov’s forces.

      Anyways, that’s just my 2 cents.

  2. Reply

    It was a shocking episode. Probably the most emotional episode ever in TWD.
    All the signs were there but it’s so much easier to ignore them than to accept the truth. This led the horrific end. Lizzie would have been probably one of the most character in the series if she had survived. There’s nothing more dangerous than ignorance and blind beliefs. I’m depressed now. In real life we can compare this to religion and fanatics. I don’t know if I’m being too radical but it’s my opinion.
    Nice writting and description of the episode!


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