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This will go down in history as my favorite episode of Game of Thrones ever. Aside from the usual accumulations of deaths, that i may or may not care too much about, the best part has to be what I’ve been waiting a year and a few days for. The return of Jon Snow. On this very episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 2 titled Home, Jon Snow has returned. Maybe HBO knew I was going to boycott them (as many others were prepared to do), or maybe its because they just knew better, either way, had Jon Snow not returned, there would have been a mighty bid to pay on GOT.

Let me not be so ungrateful to continue airing out my threats, lets proceed to the very long awaited second episode of GOT titled Home.


Issac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)

We finally get to see Bran, who looks like he had a growth spurt since we saw him last two years ago. He is in the three eyed raven cave in the most boring training session I’ve ever witnessed since Arya’s bootcamp in Braavos. He and the raven travel together mentally to other destinations using their powers and we now see that they can even travel to different time periods. Bran and the Raven stand in the midst of the Starks: Ben, Ned and Lyanna Stark, who are mere children in training at Winterfell. Bran even sees Hodor, whose real name is Wyllis, as a young teenager and has the ability to speak.

Is this how we learn about Jon Snow’s roots? How much of the past will Bran be visiting? And what is he to take from all of this training? Only time will tell here.

The raven makes Bran return quickly from that space in time. Something about it nothing a good idea to dwell so long in the past. Bran excitedly goes out to see Meera, to tell her of his adventure, but she’s just about had it with being cooped up in the raven’s cave. It could be quite boring having to watch as Bran leaves his body, with eyes turned back inside his head and all the while she’s  surrounded by cobwebs made of wood. One of the children of the forest tells Meera that Bran needs her, but after all this time, she’s more interested in joining the war that everyone is anticipating in the main land. That is, the one between the living and the dead.

Jamie and Cersei

The Mountain has become Cersei’s most dedicated and loyal protector. There isn’t a step that she takes without him at her side. A boasting pervert in the marketplace, that brags to the public about Cersei licking her lips to the sight of his manhood, during her walk of shame, ends up dead because of this loyalty. While the man is taking a piss, the Mountain swiftly knocks his brains against the wall. That will teach him to mock Cersei. It’s unclear whether she sent the Mountain to do this  or whether he was acting on his own, but the message here is clear.

When Cersei comes down from her tower in the keep to attend her daughter’s funeral, she is stopped by the kings guard. Tommen is prohibiting his mother from seeing his sister. Everyone knows how Cersei feels about her children, the only reason the guardsmen kept their lives, was because she didn’t order the mountain to harm them. And they were beyond greatful.

In the room where Myrcella’s body has been laid to rest, we get the details as to why this happens. Tommen wants to protect his mother from being taken by the Faith Militant again. He is a weak ruler, bless his heart, but he uses the little power that he does have to protect his family. But Tommen has not visited his mother since her return from the faith militant lair. He is embarrassed of his lack of involvement.

The high sparrow shows up and Jaime sends his son/nephew to speak with his mother. Jaime lets Mr. Sparrow know that although he believes in a lot of things, he has no problem with kicking his ragged old butt back to where ever he came from. The monks show up ready to defend their leader and the Sparrow admits, that they are nobodies that are capable of taking over an empire because of their numbers.

How forward of the old man to think that he could possibly take what remains of the Lannisters, as if there aren’t a dozen noble families who would knock him right out the cage for a chance at the throne. I’m waiting on his day because there is no way that man is taking over the throne. I didn’t sign up for old man winter to be king.

Tommen speaks with his mom and admits his embarrassment. He also apologizes for not caring for her the way she has always care for him. It’s a warm reconciliation between mother and son, but at the core of the convo, Tommen asks his mom to help him–help him rule. You can just tell that she will help, only vengeance will also be on the agenda.



At the wall, Thorne is about done waiting for Davos and the men that are locked up in the chamber with Snow’s body. He asks his men to tear the door down, and as Davos and company arm up, the wildlings ram through the entrance of Castle Black and storm in on the Night’s watch. Headed by one of the Night’s watch and Snow’s favorite wildling, they take over and lock up Thorne in a cell. Olly gets locked up too.

That’s how messed up of a show GOT is. It will have you cheering for the imprisonment of a child. It’s a damn shame.

Davos approaches Melisandre and asks her to use all that good lord of light magic to bring back Jon Snow. Melisandre, however, is down in the dumps because all of her predictions and magic have failed. She doesn’t even think she has the gift to fully accomplish such a feat. Davos is quite persistent though and Melisandre agrees to try. The ceremony consists of washing the body, reciting some valayrian words, and throwing pieces of his locks into the fire.

After reciting the final incantation a few times and not seeing any change in Snow’s status, Melisandre retreats back into her room, looking more depressed then she had been before. Everyone else slowly leaves Snow’s body alone in the room, except for Ghost, who is napping. Ghost wakes up and looks up at his masters body, when sudden’y Snow jolts up and gasps for breath.

YESSSS YESSS YESSSS — we were all right. They couldn’t fool us!!!! Jon Snow is back and we all knew it, even with all of HBO’s attempts at covering up the truth.

Kit Harrington as Jon Snow (Credit: Courtesy of HBO)


Will Jon Snow take back Winterfell? We all await his next move with baited breath.


Speaking of Winterfell, Ramsay, Roose, and some other minion, are planning how to take back Sansa. They all guess that she will be headed to the wall where her last remaining relative is the Lord Commander. They never got the update that Snow is dead, but that doesn’t even matter now. Roose warns Ramsey about his mad dog ways. Although Roose has created a cold-hearted monster, he is well aware of the politics associated with ruling. If Ramsey develops a solid reputation for being a maniac, eventually people will end up at his door with pitch forks clamoring for his head on a stick.

At the very same time that Roose is trying to pull on his son’s reigns, he is advised by a servant that his wife has given birth to their child–a boy. Ramsey’s reaction is priceless. When he approaches his father to give him his blessings, Ramsey stabs him right in the chest.

I have to say that i was very surprised. I thought that Roose was the only person that Ramsey respected and kept out of his killing sprees. As always, there’s a lesson to be learned here. Roose let his sons psychosis run wild, expecting him to become a valiant heir. But wild animals that have always been wild, can rarely be tamed. Ramsey did not have an off button. Roose paid the consequences of never putting a stop to Ramsey’s madness.

Iwan Rhein and Elizabeth Webster Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)

When Roose’s wife goes looking for her husband, so that he could see his newborn son, Ramsey volunteers to escort her. He escorts her right into the pitbull cages and allows his dogs to make a good meal of his step-mother and only brother. This is the line, guys! Ramsey has gone past the accepted amount of wildness allowed. His demise is coming soon. I’m only hoping that he doesn’t die of something moronic like small pox.


Sansa and Brienne catch up, now that Brienne eliminated Ramsey’s men. She now knows that her sister is alive and that Brienne was faithful to her mother. However, her sister update is a little outdated, since Brienne could only confirm that Arya was with a man and they both refused her help. That man was the hound, who is no longer alive. Arya has taken sail to the other side of the world and is no where near where Brienne saw her last.

Theon leaves Sansa’s welfare in the hands of Podrick and Brienne. He knows that they will defend and care for her in ways that he never could. It seems that they will be taking Sansa to the wall. But where will Theon go? Theon will be returning to his home. Even after everything that he did, it is time to admit that Theon has redeemed himself. I hope that Sansa’s words and hugs, will help him see that he is forgiven for all of his wrongs.

Sansa will be on her way to the wall, how will she get past Ramsey’s posts in the north?

The Iron Islands


Theon’s father, Balon Greyjoy, has lost all of his power on the mainland. He currently only has a hold of the Iron islands. His daughter and him bicker over the importance of this loss and how it should be handled. Balon tells Yara to mind her business and thats the end of their warm family discussion.

On Balon’s way out, he bumps into his long lost brother who stands in his way on one of the rope bridges. Euron Greyjoy had  been rumored to have been dead, possibly lost at sea. He returns with no love for his brother. Balon swings his knife at his brother and cuts his face. Euron has the last laugh when he pushes Balon off the side of the bridge and onto the rocks below.

Balon Greyjoy’s demise means that his daughter Yara would take over the Iron Islands–or so we would think. During Balon’s sea funeral, Yara is told by some old man that resembled a worn out-retired-aquaman, that the Iron Islands reign is not controlled by family association. He doesn’t go into detail as to how it is determined, but I’m guessing the people have to choose their monarchy. And since Euron didn’t come back to hug it out with his brother, I’m guessing his intention is to take over the salt throne.

To add confusion to this mix, Theon is on his way home. He is actually the real heir of the Iron islands. What will happen when he arrives home? Not to mention that he is not all there in the head and wouldn’t be able to manage a snowball fight let alone rule actual people.


Arya thinks she’s ready when the nuisance of a girl returns to plague here with a wooden staph, but she still can’t fight her. She aimlessly flings her staph around until someone grabs a hold of it and asks her name. It is Jaqen and he’s testing her like he did a long time ago.

Only this time, you can tell Arya is ready. She doesn’t answer as if she knows the answers, but as if she knows her purpose. He tells her if she would tell him her name he will give a roof over head and even feed her. After begging in the street for awhile thats a hard offer to turn down. She replies that she has no name. So he tells her he would return her sight to her if she were to reveal her name. The pause here is loaded with contemplation. I imagine Arya would give anything to have her sight back, but she still answers that she has no name.

She has passed the test and Jaqen invites her to follow him home. How much more training will we be able to endure? I need ass-kicking Arya to come out already and break it down for all of those that don’t know she’s the new sheriff in town. Hopefully, she will be able to dispose of those that wronged the Starks without Jaqen still being a pain about it.


Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)

During one of Tyrion’s casual meetings with Varys and Missandei, accompanied by some heavy drinking, Tyrion discovers that the dragons locked up under the temple have not been eating. Using the noggin that he was blessed with, Tyrion explains that Dragons are not meant to be captives. During the Targaryen’s reign, they decided to cage up massive dragons that over the course of time shrunk down to possibly his size.

The people outside of Meereen on Slavers bay, have returned to the slavery way of life they had lived prior to Dany freeing them. All but Meereen. Tyrion’s first step in fixing the political issues of Dany’s empire, is to free the dragons. The tiny man goes down into the pyramids and unchains them. He regrets his bravery and asks that one of them punch him in the face the next time he has a bright idea like that. But if he didn’t do it, who would have?

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